The BKc Motors co, Ladies Welcome . . .

The BKc Motors co, Ladies Welcome . . .

The BKc Motors co, Ladies Welcome : Sham & Gigi send their blessings to all the ladies to join the fellas on the road. After hearing that father Bev was selling his car and looking into getting a motorcycle, Sham thought she would start doing some research to see what bike would suit her best should she too decide to join The Bearded Man and Woody on the road. Sham started her search by flipping through “Harley Davidson: An Illustrated History.” There were too many styles for her to decide which one she liked the most, the next step is to just test ride a few.  While doing her research she of course made sure that she completed her collection by grabbing any of the new “The BKc Motors co.” tees we have available. Yep! The BKc Style + Character & The Hundred Year Plan . . .


6 Responses to The BKc Motors co, Ladies Welcome . . .

  1. Love these ya’ll! Any progress with the online store making a comeback?

  2. It’s official: “The BKc Online Store” will make a come back. Please stay tuned for more info

  3. I tried calling the store several times for info and can’t reach anyone. It just keeps ringing. Has the number changed? Also, I tried sending an email as well through the link at the bottom of the homepage with no luck either.

  4. The Brooklyn Circus (NYc)
    150 Nevins St Brooklyn Ny 11217
    Tel: 718.858.0919
    Hours: Daily From 12Noon-7PM

    The Brooklyn Circus SF
    1521 Fillmore St.
    San Francisco CA 94115
    Hours: Daily From 12Noon-7PM
    Mondays by appointment only

    The Brooklyn Circus CHI @ Solemates
    2708 N. Halsted.
    Chicago, IL 60614
    Hours: Daily From 12Noon-7PM

  5. Harley’s are cool but I love vintage Brit bikes…such as Norton and Triumph. Worth looking into.

  6. Great use of images and size. Too much “Brooklyn” on it though. We get it. Would love to see the “shield” shirt without the typeface and maybe replaced with something else. Why have BKC and BROOKLYN CIRCUS MOTORCYCLES in the front on top of each other?

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