The BKc, women’s wear . . .

The BKc, women’s wear . . .

The BKc, women’s wear: To all of the ladies that have emailed and marched into the stores requesting  BKc women’s clothing:
Historically many women  have changed the view of femininity by going against the standard. Grace Jones embraced her androgyny and was ahead of her time in so doing. Katharine Hepburn rather the comforts of trousers and a men’s dress-shirt as opposed to dresses. Iris Chacon loved her muscular features and defied the standards of beautiful women.

Joan of Arc went to war in a full armor, although the odds were against her. Today, Janelle Monae takes on the dapper style of the rockabilly or colonel sanders to be exact and is now changing the face of music and the incorporation of menswear without losing her femininity.  Blazers, trousers and oxfords are now being incorporated in the wardrobes of women who are comfortable with being just that; a women with a love for menswear. The BKc Style & Character and The Hundred Year Plan . . .

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5 Responses to The BKc, women’s wear . . .

  1. I love this post. Finally something for the females! I love everything you guys do.
    Thank you

  2. …and lets not forget Marlene Dietrich, who very well may have been the first female public figure to use mens clothing as fashion inspiration . Ralph Lauren is well known for his incorporation of menswear and stylings into his womens lines. Omahyra Mota is well known for modeling mens fashion as well as womens. And she although changed her image in the 90′s, Janet Jackson had military style on lock in the 80′s, with feminine tailoring that was perfection. I subconsciously seek out this form of styling when shopping, due to my love of military cut clothing and clean lines. Yet, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a clothing line do it correctly (or at least to my standards). So, I’m looking forward to what the BKc has to offer.

  3. This is also reminiscent of Diane Keaton, although I guess you could say her style muse is Katherine Hepburn, after all, or so it seems.

  4. DeAndra, I ‘m right there with you… I definitely hope the upcoming ladies line is just as fly as the men becuase I’m so jealous of their pieces!!!

  5. This post is awesome! Keep up the good work guys.

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