The BKc, Gabe the Great NYc trip . . .

The BKc, Gabe the Great NYc trip . . .

The BKc, Gabe the Great NYc trip: Gabe the great has his bags packed, his schedule in place and his bag full of business cards in preparation for a five day trip to NYc. He is scheduled to arrive, with a full day of activities, meetings and luncheons. If you ever had questions about the SF store, life on the west coast or  Le Cirque at Yoshi’s, stop by the store and kick it with him. He is pretty open to all your questions or conversations, oh! in person just call him Gabe. The BKc Style & Character and The Hundred Year Plan . . .


8 Responses to The BKc, Gabe the Great NYc trip . . .

  1. why oh why are there no comments? does no one care to share thoughts? goodness. allow me then to share: whoever does the shots for this website (photos, natch), does a GREAT job. Good work, team. BKc.

  2. met gabe today, good dude. looking forward to kicking it in the sf store when i get out there.
    also, gg- check out al di la on 5th ave in park slope.
    great meeting the bk circus bk family today.
    stay well.

  3. Yoooo! Peace to the East New York……brooklyn circus fam wassup? I havent been past the shop in a minute…….the new site is bananas lol and I agree with charlene….the photography is on point

  4. i had been meaning to stop by the store today, however, my direct deposit didn’t go through, lol. smh.

  5. Thank you Andrew! It was so nice meeting you and good luck in SF, keep us posted and I will definitely check out the spot.

    Mr. HKC, where have you been!?!?!?!?!

    Did you get your G-Shock!!??!?!??!?

  6. First time on the website. One word: fresh. Love it. Ps. How do I get my gal pals and I on the GL for Yoshis tonight?

  7. Krystel, RSVP your names to by 6pm! See you tonight…

  8. Neek wassup?!!!!!!!!!! Ive been hiding out in jersey(just kiddin LOL) I’m suprised you even remember me LOL … I don’t have my g-shock yet! Please tell me they’re not sold out! And even worse…I don’t even have a copy of changing of the guards’s just like after the trunk show I only followed by the blog and gigi you looked amazing at the deity lounge. Hopefully I’ll come past the shop soon… I NEED MY WATCH!!!! LOL

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