The BKc, Pop Mix . . .

The BKc, Pop Mix . . .

The BKc, Pop Mix: A new installation in our blog post.  We decided to bring light to the mesh of individuals that shop, visit or pass thru the stores that end up building friendships that are set to last a lifetime. Adam a designer, English gentleman, illustrator with a love for all things old, fixed bikes and good humor finds himself on daily runs with Sauce a student, Brooklyn style kid, sales manager at J’Crew The Men’s store and track star. The common ground is that they both appreciate culture, style, character and the pursuit of all things crafted.

Sauce: Black Mighty Crown + BKc 100% wool jacket, made in Japan, grey crew neck , vintage scarf and vintage Cazal specs available at The Brooklyn Circus NYc. Adam w/bike: Vintage large collarless light blue poplin tunic shirt available in Khaki at The Brooklyn Circus NYc. The BKc Style and Character and The Hundred Year Plan . . .

Reminder to rsvp: to be added to the list for the “Monsters Ball” simply email your information for the list to the email address listed here. Please include “Monsters Ball” in the subject. (RSVP@THEBKCIRCUS.COM) for complimentary admission this Saturday October 31st at 1 front St. Brooklyn NYc.



8 Responses to The BKc, Pop Mix . . .

  1. Awesome! I’m really feeling the outfits. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong is the black mighty crown the BKc is referring to the skully the gentleman above is wearing? Keep up the good work!

  2. G: The Mighty Crown I’m wearing is the 100% wool jacket which is a collaboration with the BKC.

  3. I love the font you use for “THE CIRCUS” on the sweatshirt and other tops! I have looked for hours via internet for that font; Dave’s Quality Meat uses same font. Is it Fleur, Woodcut, custom, or none of the above ?

  4. great stuff here gentlemen !

  5. Im coming for that crewneck

  6. question- is Adam single?!

  7. wow, now the waters bubbling!!


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