The BKc, Product Update . . .

The BKc, Product Update . . .

The BKc Reversible Bowties Now Available at The BKc NYc (150 Nevins St) and The Brooklyn Circus SF (1521 Fillmore St)

2 days left to rsvp: to be added to the list for the “Monsters Ball” simply email your information for the list to the email address listed here. Please include “Monsters Ball” in the subject. (RSVP@THEBKCIRCUS.COM) for complimentary admission this Saturday October 31st at 1 front St. Brooklyn NYc.



4 Responses to The BKc, Product Update . . .

  1. loving the accessories, but what’s going on with the outerwear? It’s getting real nippy outside. I’m dying to see what you guys have up your sleeve for the new winter must have coat :-)

  2. Omg my prayers have been answered ill be there Thursday to pic that up.

  3. G: we agree, stay tuned.

  4. i need a red satin bow tie. i’m looking to purchase a tux and wear it in a rather urban form. you guys should look into doing suiting.

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