The BKc, Hand-crafted . . .

The BKc, Hand-crafted . . .

The BKc, Hand-crafted: Recently Gabe the Great had some leather boots custom-made to complete his fall wardrobe. Before he put them on he made sure to get some hand-crafted treatment next door from Johnny, who’s history of shining shoes in the Fillmore dates back 30 years. As we busily click and type away at our computer monitors and indulge in everything digital, we don’t have to go far to be reminded that there are some services technology will never be able to provide. The BKc Style + Character & The Hundred Year Plan . . .







8 Responses to The BKc, Hand-crafted . . .

  1. Those boots are a problem, a high wingtip boot? Come on! He’s killing them out there. Keep it going.

  2. Gab those are tough!!! I currently on a search for a pair of antique handcrafted master pieces my self

  3. so beautiful. i love this.

  4. Wow! Where did you find those?

  5. Gabe is very nice on the eyes!!! First Adam now Gabe. You have some really good – looking men at BKC.

  6. Doper than Dope!

  7. These boots are awe-mazing. Please let us know who made them…….. Craze

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