BKc, College Drop in . . .

BKc, College Drop in . . .

The new BKc varsity jacket are a HIT with young, old, male and female (the small fits the ladies like a glove). With all the calls and emails about the jackets, we decided to launch the varsity jackets during the “Black Friday” weekend and folks wasted no time in securing their copy of what will go down in history as one two of our best varsity jackets to date. The jackets are truly a reward for being a part of The BKc experience and all the years of hard yet enjoyable work. Yep! The BKc style + Character and The hundred year plan . . .




11 Responses to BKc, College Drop in . . .

  1. The new BKc varsity jacket

    how much are the tickets?
    do you ship to germany?
    otherwise I will be in NCY in March 2010.
    Wil lyou still have the jackets???


  2. yet no online store for those followers who aren’t near a brick and mortar store..

  3. Stating* the store will be up very soon, you have our word.

  4. i love my jacket :) thanks guys over at bkc sf

  5. Let me say, this varsity is perfect. Worth every penny. I have never owned a jacket that fit so well. Excelllent cut. It is a timeless item.

  6. If I cannot wait till the online store opens.

  7. can you tell me the prices for the black varsity jacket? thanks

  8. I like the look of the Varsity Jacket(orange&black) its amazing. But I would have to see it in person how much is this jacket?
    Thank You

  9. Excellent. I will be purchasing this.

  10. can anybody help. im 6 foot 1 and fairly skinny just wondering wat size i should cop if i want that snug vintage look. will the length in a medium be alright for my size. please help

  11. I love those colors man..How can I get my own..hit me back ASAP please

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