BKc, Special Thanks . . .

BKc, Special Thanks . . .

Folks went head to head in search of their sizes as we slashed the prices, passed on the savings and introduced our holiday “twitter only” specials. Stay tuned for more “Twitter only” special this holiday shopping season, follow us NYc & SF on twitter to benefit from the “Twitter only” deals the entire month of December.

Special Thanks: On behalf of the entire team in NYc and SF, we’d like to thank everyone for patiently waiting and shopping through the crowds at The Brooklyn Circus stores this weekend. We woke up early ( 5am) Friday morning to add the final touches to the sales floor to prepare it for our annual Black Friday bonanza and what turned out to be a very rewarding weekend for all who shopped with us. It brought joy to our hearts to see you guys treating yourselves and doing your holiday shopping early and saving a ton. We look forward to having a strong and joyful holiday shopping season with you, with lots of new product and gifts for you and your loved ones. Yep!








2 Responses to BKc, Special Thanks . . .

  1. When you go to BKc , you just dont buy 1 thing, u leave with bags of BKc products and a GREAT BIG SMILE- Kahleel

  2. i must stop by and see whats left at the BKc

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