The BKc, Winter Fresh . . .

The BKc, Winter Fresh . . .

For those of you that think California is all warm weather and sunshine, well, we beg to differ as temperatures have been dropping drastically in San Francisco. What may be “not so bad” to our east coast brethren can be brutal for us. In order to battle the cold, we’ve decided to release a series of prototype hand-made BKc Reversible Scarves for a test run. With one side cashmere and the other a patterned silk, you can stay warm AND “winter fresh” this holiday season.

Now Available at The BKc NYc (150 Nevins St) and The Brooklyn Circus SF (1521 Fillmore St). Phone orders welcome: East coast 718.858.0919 or West coast 415.359.1999

The BKc, NYc’s First Annual Holiday Party SATURDAY, December 19th and you’re invited.
All Guests Must RSVP. This event is sure to reach capacity. Please send your RSVP information to confirm your attendance, subject “Holiday party” complete with name, 1 main contact number and your guest(s) full names to RSVP@THEBKCIRCUS.COM




8 Responses to The BKc, Winter Fresh . . .

  1. Calvin! I want the one your wearing…placing my phone order tomorrow :)

  2. you serious!

    aww man I love it!!!!!

  3. omg this is so fresh how much do they go for??

  4. yea how much they go for?

  5. This is very Tootal, which reached a height as the mod-racer’s scarf (think Red Baron on mopeds). good to see someone finally do this for the new school gentleman. wouldn’t be proper unless done by the BKC.
    i like unique, functionally strong pieces, and this belongs. merino?
    good picture too, product first, logo priority!

  6. I haven’t been on the blog in about a week. Then last night I had a dream about my Guy Laroche scarf that is designed just like this, one side is silk and the other is cashmere. Now I check the blog and see this. I’m still learning the language of the universe…
    Oh yea and the scarf is a hit; I say it sells out in a day or two.

  7. Shout out to Calvin for getting my scarf out to me so quickly. It is well needed with this brick weather.

  8. How much are the BKc reversible scarves?
    Thank you,

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