Happy Belated B-day Gigi . . .

Happy Belated B-day Gigi . . .

Happy Belated Birthday to The Brooklyn Circus NYc lady of the house, mother hen and head of our customer relations department Gigi Gray. Please help us in wishing her a healthy birthday.
Good reading: Almost all the Capricorn women have immaculate etiquettes. They have an inherent sense of social elegance, modesty and conventional look. A Capricorn female is like that goat, which has to reach the top of the mountain. It doesn’t matter what position she starts and how slowly she walks, she will be at the top much before those, who were running in front of her. Source

The BKc Shop is now open for business, Happy shopping . . .


15 Responses to Happy Belated B-day Gigi . . .

  1. happy birthday gigi!!!!!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Gigi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish that God will continue to bless you with good health, strength, happiness, and prosperity for 2010 & years to come. Love………

  3. Happy Birthday Sade!!! LOL
    Miss you, see you soon!!!

  4. Wishing you a heartful and blessed Birthday!!!!!!!!….blessing is a constant so it can’t be belated : )

  5. Happy Belated G!

  6. Happy Bday Neek!

  7. Happy belated Bday Gigi!

  8. Happy Berf-day Gigi!
    And have a healthy and prosperous 2010!

    *more fashion pics of Gigi on this website please, thank you.*


  10. Happy Happy Birthday Ms. Gigi!!! ♥

  11. Happy birthday Neek, we love ya!

  12. Happy Birthday from Karlo and Justine Medina

  13. Happy belated b-earth day neek! I got your voice mail lol I apologize for not stopping by…. hopefully soon I’ll come by the shop to see all of the bkc fam, I miss you all….plus I got so much catching up to do with the fall/winter bkc gear

  14. happy birthday to both gigi & autumn! love the blurb about capricorn women! so true about us! =)

  15. Happy birthday beautiful….blessed love.

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