The BKc, Play It By Ear . . .

The BKc, Play It By Ear . . .

Now available exclusively at The BKc SF (1521 Fillmore St.), the first in a series of collections of hand-made BKc Jewelry for ladies. Coming soon to the BKc NY & CHI. . .




19 Responses to The BKc, Play It By Ear . . .

  1. I need these for my sister. Cant wait for them to make their way to Brooklyn.

  2. I absoloutly LOVE the earrings and the pictures are beautiful as well!!!

  3. beautiful…je t’aime beaucoup!

  4. Gorgeous!!!

  5. Finally something for the ladies.I love the look!

  6. omg when can i get them there so ccuutteee????

  7. These are so dope! I love elephants!

  8. smukker øreringe:) beautiful earrings

  9. How much are they I want a pair there sooo adorable

  10. Yey!!! Finally!

  11. so cuteeee

  12. i love the earrings they are hot!!!

  13. These are absolutely TIMELESS and LOVELY!!!

  14. Ha! I see my cousin! I know a model now! This is so cool!

    Oh yeah, nice earrings.

  15. beautiful and comfortable earrings , I know this from experience!

  16. Kenny I hear you on that my brother, I need these also awaiting their BK arrival.

  17. i love it !

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