The BKc, California Love . . .

The BKc, California Love . . .

While Father Bev attempts to break the world record in long jumping (good luck with that), we too are experiencing some wet weather ourselves on the west coast. Rain not only brings traffic but also a certain friend from LA who’s flight was delayed by the storm. Our southern California counterpart, Eli of Filter Magazine or as we like to call him “BKcLA”, happened to be in town and made his usual visit to The BKc SF. He chatted a little, e-mailed a little, and even helped some customers. We made sure he didn’t leave empty-handed. The BKc Style + Character and The Hundred Year Plan . . .




2 Responses to The BKc, California Love . . .

  1. Those boots are wearing out really well. The pair I bought from you guys in bk are doing the same. You guys should show the progression of Sebago boots as they age. have customers send in their pictures. Bevin I’d like to see how well yours have worn out. I always see Calvin in a pair too, let’s see.

  2. The lighthouse boots are tought, just got a pair of the brown ones. very clean look!

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