The BKc, A League of Their Own . . .

The BKc, A League of Their Own . . .

While we work diligently on developing our men’s collection, it doesn’t mean the ladies have to wait to get their BKc on. As Alicia showed the SF team, the BKc Denim Western (pictured in size small) goes perfect with the flannel bow-tie and can be executed just as well for women. Available at The BKc NY (150 Nevins St.) & The BKc SF (1521 Fillmore St.) The BKc Style + Character and The Hundred Year Plan.


2 Responses to The BKc, A League of Their Own . . .

  1. I definitely think it would be nice to see BKC womenswear soon. Is that in the works?

  2. awww!! alicia looks hella cute! love it…holdin it down for the ladies.

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