The BKc, DD172 . . .

The BKc, DD172 . . .

With an invite from Rashad Smith , Erykah Badu’s pal, producer and Dj, last night we attended an art exhibit at Dame Dash’s new event space, DD172. Looks like Damon Dash is working the DIY magic that helped him and Jay-Z build that empire and land all those deals almost a decade ago. The media said Dame lost his fortune, but from the looks of his new three level art, music and work space, he has more than a few shoe boxes left of that fortune. Chill vibes, lots of familiar faces and BKc nods.

Special thanks to Rashad (see pic of him very dapper in BKc bow tie and new Bkc tweed cap next to The Bearded Man) for always raising the bar on BKc Style + Character and of course for all the invites and special entries to all the events. Tonight we are headed back to see Erykah Badu perform. We’ll be sure to take lots of picturess for those who can’t make it out. For now, enjoy the ones from last night’s festivities. The BKc Style + Character and The Hundred Year Plan . . .




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  1. It looks like the event was outstanding…Sure do wish a brutha could have been there. What a shame? Oh well, maybe some other time. Haha

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