The BKc, Erykah Badu at DD127 . . .

The BKc, Erykah Badu at DD127 . . .

We didn’t quite have a window seat but we were more than close enough to get some shots of Erykah Badu’s during her performance at DD127 Friday night. After what felt like an eternity, Erykah Badu walked down the stairs of DD127 Gallery into the “dungeon” below the gallery to a full house of eager fans, including us. Not sure if it was the energy or the lack of ventilation, but the place was on fire by the time she grabbed the mic and filled up the room with that sultry voice. Once again much thanks to Rashad Smith seen here on the drum machine sporting a BKc gingham shirt, Bow tie and newsboy hat.

Side note: To the gallery director, please take a customer service class on us, we’ll pay for it. Learn to deal with people and not think it’s Ok for you to ask them if they know who you are when they question your inappropriate behavior.






5 Responses to The BKc, Erykah Badu at DD127 . . .

  1. That “director” was an absolute NIGHTMARE. The epitome of rude, so many people were absolutely floored that someone with no interpersonal skills would be allowed to have the title of “gallery director”.

  2. I popped into DD172 yesterday to see what it was all about. Definitely a strong distinct energy when you walk in the door. I can\’t say that I got bad customer service; I did find it interesting however that I walked around the gallery space, completely unnoticed and unattended, for about 15 minutes before I finally hailed one of the passers by. I actually couldn\’t tell if the gallery was open. I\’m not sure what the man\’s role was, but he was friendly enough and open to talking about the projects and things going on there. I think Dame is doing something refreshing that New York needs as far as facilitating a creative space, especially for hip hop artists, to come together and collaborate on some new more progressive projects. Hopefully he will get the public relations side of things down a bit better…. Everyone could take a class from you guy\’s on customer service……

  3. Well, in regards to the last portion of Mr. Jackson’s comment about Brooklyn Circus being a paradigm of customer service, I would personally have to disagree!

    Some short time ago, a friend and I casually walked into the Nevins st. Location of the famous boutique and were greeted *loose term* with an awkward silence almost as if we rudely interrupted a sidebar conversation.

    The awkwardness almost seemed to intensify as we caroused the short span of the store, only to be ignored by the clerks on duty. In an attempt to break the silence I surveyed both of the clerks in regards to a particular product’s seeming absence from the store that evening. The clerk retorted with a very dry answer, that made it clear to leave the store at once.

    I write this with a bit of contention within myself, because I am an avid subscriber to the Brooklyn Circus lifestyle and brand as a whole. I still continue to champion and support the brand from afar.

  4. *Apex in the Flex: This is Ouigi The Bearded Man. First and foremost our sincere apology about your experience, that is certainly not the kind of service we are known for. If ever you experience anything close to what you explained above from any of our stores, you can email me directly ( and I will take immediate action. We pride ourselves in providing you with the best service ,we really do appreciate what you guys have supported us through. Now I am off to research who was “brain dead” on the job, since that’s the only explanation I can possibly come up with to explain such behavior from our hand picked and hand trained team.

  5. Personally, i would like to say that from my initial introduction to the BKc crew some time ago, there has been a genuine appreciation of not only the customer but the friend and neighbor. BKc lives by the words of the late great Christopher Wallace “Spread Love its The BROOKLYN Way” and i must thank my bro rawG for introducing me to the Circus

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