The BKc, Spreading the word . . .

The BKc, Spreading the word . . .

As we grow so does the message and the people it touches: The BKc journey has us visiting the oddest places, doing the most interesting things in the pursuit of Style + Character, but most of all, meeting the most interesting people on this planet. A few weeks back we had the opportunity to meet a very interesting couple on a journey similar to that of the BKc. They met The Bearded Man at his favorite local hangout “Stir it Up” Jamaican restaurant, when Carlyle introduced himself as a designer and avid reader of our blog. They chatted and decided to meet at our office a few days later. Their mission “People’s Pride”, their goal if the name does not give it away,
“We at People’s Pride utilize the universal power of fashion and literature as a means of educating people about HIV/AIDS, and promoting awareness and prevention as a vehicle to empowerment. Philanthropy and social consciousness in the name of the betterment of all humankind.” -Tanya Cooper for People’s Pride.

We have never seen their product in person, but if their Style + Character is a reflection of what the product is, the world has something coming to them. People’s Pride is a husband and wife team comprised of designer Carlyle Hanson his wife Olga Koren, with operational support from his brother Arthur Rutledge and London Native/Columbia graduate Tanya Cooper at the marketing desk. Yep! The BKc Style + Character & The Hundred Year Plan . . .




2 Responses to The BKc, Spreading the word . . .

  1. It was a great, great pleasure to finally sit down with you and have such an enlightening conversation. Your personality is a true expression of your heart and yearning for change. It is delighting to know that we have found someone with almost identical mindset and love for what they do. We are looking forward to endless possibilities and mutual endeavors.
    Carlyle and Olga

  2. Hi Carlyle and Olga.
    Great post. Are those ships approaching The Island? What’s on them?

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