The BKc, SF Ready & Waiting . . .

The BKc, SF Ready & Waiting . . .

As construction wraps up and boxes of new product arrive for the big day, the team hit the streets of San Francisco to personally invite some of their favorite stores – and sneak in a little shopping, too. If there is one thing we’ve learned about running your own business, you must have your city behind you. Not only do these people provide a constant source of inspiration for us but also a strong support system. Together, we share our successes and lessons learned in hopes of becoming better than we were the day before. The BKc Style + Character and The Hundred Year Plan . . .


Pictured Above: The Hundreds, Black Scale, ShoeBiz, TRUE, & Stussy . . .


Pictured Above: Benny Gold, Union Made, HUF, True Sole, Sui Generis . . .


Pictured Above: Self Edge, G-Star, Otis Lounge, Bianca Starr . . .



4 Responses to The BKc, SF Ready & Waiting . . .

  1. Ha! Last pic is great. Good post!

  2. connecting all the dots!
    rspkt rspkt x 2!
    cheers, my friends!

  3. That’s a great pic. I look forward to seeing the SF store for the first time when I’m out that way in a couple of weeks.
    Your Ambassador,
    Mike Bruny

  4. dope ..i luv sf got a show may 15th out there

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