Return of The BKc SF . . .

Return of The BKc SF . . .

It feels good to be home! On Friday April 23rd, we re-opened our doors to an extremely warm “Welcome Back” as over 200 hundred people piled into (and outside) the brand new Brooklyn Circus SF. It was tough being closed for as long as we were, but the enormous turnout and positive energy throughout the evening made it worth every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears that went into the recovery process.

Thank you to all of our loyal friends, family, colleagues, and customers (SF Style + Characters at its finest) for all of your support during this time and we hope that you enjoy the new store as much as we do. Another big thanks goes to Hennessey Black and Vitamin Water for sponsoring our event with celebratory toasts. We know it was a little hectic that evening, so for those of you who didn’t get a chance to shop, get inside the store, or haven’t checked it out yet, come by – we’d be more than happy to give you a personal tour including our all new shoe library. The Brooklyn Circus SF is back and better than ever. The BKc Style + Character and The Hundred Year Plan …














13 Responses to Return of The BKc SF . . .

  1. I should have been there..

  2. Great come-back! *golf clap.

  3. Congrats on the reopening.

  4. What’s the word on Gabe’s jacket?

  5. Me and Imran are on the same page. That jacket is the bizness…..

  6. Awesome pix, congrats on the return. what shoes is the asian guy with the dark blue button up wearing?

  7. Great party.. the bk knows how to throw a function.

  8. * Gabe’s Cotton Varsity Jacket… Coming soon.
    * Calvin’s Shoes are the “Xanders” by Thorocraft… NOW in-stock at The BKcSF.

  9. Feel great to have you guys back!

  10. Dear BKC TEAM,
    You guys are amazing at what you do. Thanks for the invite to the event. Had a blast!


    Ezra Miranda

  11. WOW!!! The store looks AMAZING!… and you guys all look Fabulous!!! Wish I could have been there!!!

  12. What!!! My unborn son made the blog! Welcome back BKcSF, the store looks great and the love the team showed to each guest exhibited true Style + Character!

  13. BKc Family,

    Congratulations on an energetic and successful event. Your greatest feat is that you continue to send out a frequency into the universe that attracts such dynamic and colorful people. Through the wire, the fire and the flood, you build a great community upon the foundation of Style + Character. A round of applause for your efforts and cheers to maintaining integrity to curating great experiences.

    You’ve got my continued support.



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