The BKc, Look Alikes . . .

The BKc, Look Alikes . . .

It is always interesting to see how we are influenced by the people and things around us. Recently Father Bev and The Circus Trainer showed up in two looks that were exactly the same as two of the mannequins in The BKc NYc. So the question is, was this an instance of art imitating life or life imitating art? Well Father Bev the resident visual merchandiser always takes inspiration from the gang every time he dresses a mannequin. Therefore many times you’ll stop by The BKc NYc and mistake a mannequin for The Bearded Man or in this case Father Bev or The Circus Trainer. So be careful who you strike up a conversation with the next time you stop by The BKc NYc. The BKc Style & Character and The Hundred Year Plan . . .




8 Responses to The BKc, Look Alikes . . .

  1. Hey guys what’s up, I’m a big fan of the product and image that you promote, I have been editor of the website for the last 8 months, and was wondering if there were any opportunities at Bkc, I would be happy to send over my resume for your consideration. Thanks.

  2. I NEED to learn how to tie this. I have been using the double Windsor since forever and two days but this is a smooth look. Anywho as always dope post fellas. Fresh creativity in the double take theme

  3. effortless chaps!!

  4. I wanna see the kicks! Can’t leave out the kicks…

  5. I too am interested in the way Bev tied the chambray tie. Is it just a standard knot with an extra “loop” before pulling the end of the tie through?

  6. The knot looks like an italian style knot. Very nice look when wearing a jacket or suit.

  7. that’s not just a double windsor with the under loop exposed?

  8. wait, i retract that. windsors go inside the neck loop.

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