The Bearded Man & Gabe the Great Speak. . .

The Bearded Man & Gabe the Great Speak. . .

The Bearded Man and Gabe The Great Speak . . . The storytellers of Society Theory present a new series of short docs entitled Grand Master Citizens. Focusing on people that have transcended cool (ha! where do we fit into this) and dictate the trends and growth of their respective fields. This episode brings you the story behind the scenes of The Brooklyn Circus and why we continue to do what we do. Shot in our SF location after the SF Anniversary event, The Bearded Man and Gabe the Great take you behind some of the real inspiration and driving force of  The Brooklyn Circus effort now and forever.

Executive Producer: URB HD, Society Theory | Producer: Matt Carvalho | Director: Phil Nacionales | Camera: Phil Nacionales, Erick Fletes, Rosemary Mamisay | Edit/Post: Phil Nacionales | Audio: Ramon Valdez Jr. Music Credits: Roy Ayers – ‘Ain’t Got Time’, Black Star – ‘Little Brother’ (prod by J Dilla), Gramatik – ‘What More Can I Say’


2 Responses to The Bearded Man & Gabe the Great Speak. . .

  1. After seeing this I am pushed back in my seat ! When I went to SF about a year a go and met the gang, the feeling is just unexplainable ! Seeing such inspirational people on this site everyday then finally getting the chance to meet them is just mind blowing . Never have I felt more welcome and at peace then when I stepped foot into the store and was greeted by people not trying to make a sale, but share their world and their minds with others ! I Thank you and support your 100 year plan to the fullest ! I forever am a Believer !

  2. Hey BKc family!!!! The web-developer maintining the site left some html, maybe due to uneven braces. I just saw it and I know BKc is about perfection, excellence, and class. LOVE THE NEW LINE. Keep it up. Ya’ll inspire the world. TRUST!!!!

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