The BKc, Ladies and Gents . . .

The BKc, Ladies and Gents . . .

Although we design our collections for men, we look at each piece in the collection as unisex. Unisex in the sense that a BKc lady can easily throw on something from the collection and make it her own. Yesterday was a perfect example of that, Janelle and Bastien two BKc NYc interns showed up dressed almost exactly alike. They both had on The BKc Green Vest a piece that looks great on both men and women. We just might have to make The BKc Vest a part of The BKc Style & Character Academy Uniform. The BKc Style & Character and The Hundred Year Plan . . .


3 Responses to The BKc, Ladies and Gents . . .

  1. *Double thumbs up* :-)

  2. Look is great. You have to have an open minded view to go with the whole unisex look and pull it off, which I love being that I am a female. I haven’t had the opportunity to make it to the shop in brooklyn, but I love a state away and am definitely making a plan to visit. If you’re looking for future models to show off the new gear, let me knoow! lol

  3. nicely done.
    S/O to Ms. HU too ;)

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