The BKc, Style & Character Academy: Early Registration . . .

The BKc, Style & Character Academy: Early Registration . . .

The buzz continues to grow and word is spreading fast about The BKc Style & Character Academy. Although the academy has not started as yet we have already had a few candidates who were interested in joining stop by the shop. One of the more persistent ones, Justin, lives right next door to The BKc NYc. He reads the blog daily and as soon as he heard about the Style & Character Academy he stopped by ready to learn. So The Bearded Man and Gabe the Great decided to give him a few lessons on dressing the part. It resulted in a quick BKc Style & Character Makeover. Check out the before and after photos and stay tuned for more info on when The BKc Style & Character Academy will be in session and how you can register to be a part of it. The BKc Style & Character and The Hundred Year Plan . . .

Little Elephant Justin is wearing:
Long Sleeve Western: BKc Thin Stripe Shirt From the Made in USA Spring/Summer collection
Shorts: BKc Mustard Japanese brushed cotton From the Made in USA Spring/Summer collection
Tshirt: Classic “Defend Bkc” anchor (Sold Out)
Beads: BKc hand crafted beads
Hat: BKc 5 Panel Hat Light Blue From the Made in USA Spring/Summer collection

Everything is available in our online shop, The Brooklyn Circus NYc, The Brooklyn Circus SF and Sir & Madame Chicago

Justin before his BKc Style & Character Makeover


16 Responses to The BKc, Style & Character Academy: Early Registration . . .

  1. i think that the Brooklyn circus has a unique style of clothing that not only makes a person look good but it tells who they are and shows that they’re different from the rest because so many people today wear the same thing and all look alike and once u throw on a bkc product your an outcast and an improvement in fashion

  2. I love how my man is holding a book in the after pics!

  3. Love it! Good to see the BKc getting so involved with the customers, makes it less of a commerical entity and more of a personal thing, good stuff!

  4. Where did y’all get those karma/mala(?) beads? I need those in my life.
    Please provide clothing info with these “Character Academy” (make-over) posts.


  5. The BKc movement in action young elephant learning from an older elephant. Dope style and much respect for what you guys are doing.

  6. I will definitely be in tuned when The BKc Style & Character Academy begins, I will have my son apart of it.

  7. No disrespect to the young fella but the style does not fit him… He is still wearing the jordans with everything and makes it look terrible.. Sorry for those who might take offense to it but im just being honest.. Should have thrown some shoes in with the whole makeover…

  8. Thank you for the listing the items.

    As for the hand-crafted beads, they are not in your online store. I love to wear beads and I’m fiending for those blue (my favorite color) and brown beads. I recall that you don’t take phone orders. :>(

    Speaking of beads, the teal-colored BKc Leather Wrist Band would have been a better choice for that young man’s arm.

    I also have to agreed with Scotty. I don’t know about shoes, but some converse sneakers or boat shoes (the hot new footwear trend) would have made that outfit “pop” a little.

    Thanks for this post.

  9. Great makeover guys. Can’t wait to see how the academy turns out.

  10. please make those beads available in the online store!

  11. Even though I’m in Atlanta, when I purchase items and wear them, people always look at the craftsmanship, knowing that I care about what and how I dress! I hope I get invited to the academy online, what an experience that would be!

  12. well done. I think the sneakers were a decision of the young chap. He did not want to part with his J’s

  13. The Js personalize the look…shoes arent for everyone. I think their intention is to create indiviuals and not drones.

  14. His shift in character alone, is simply remarkable. Note the expression in the “former” profile versus the after shots where he’s engaged in conversation: uplifted, confident, light, etc. Though you all continue to classically project your ideals in your products, lifestyles, and events, I believe THIS conveys the message most admirably. “Teach The Babies” Fabulous job, BKc.

  15. Not everyone can wear or even is comfortable wearing Boat-Shoes or Converses now-a-days. I think the outfit was a success even with the J’s on. The Colorway of the shoe is off from the outfit, but the Jordan 4′s are Classic Footwear, maybe if he had on the Mist Blue LS Jordan 4′s( the outfit would had been better. Style and Character is all about being yourself at the end of the day.

  16. * Excellent points guys, individuality is the common tone, we’ll stated. He is a young guy who did not want to part with his Jordan’s and rightfully so.

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