The BKc, The Bearded Man & his hat . . .

The BKc, The Bearded Man & his hat . . .

The BKc, The Bearded Man’s Hat: At a small company it is the norm for everyone to wear different hats. The Bearded Man, Creative Director, Partner, Showroom director, Head of Sales, publicist, cleaning person, mentor, only wears one BKc hat while filling all of these positions. It is very rare that you will see The Bearded Man without a BKc 8 Panel hat on the streets, at the office, with a suit or with jeans. The joke around the office is that Ouigi is hiding all his wealth under the hat, or that’s simply his thinking hat. Either way, the hat has become a staple in The Bearded Man’s silhouette. A few months ago Streetetiquette did a post of the 8 panel hat and it’s history and featured The Bearded Man’s 8 panel hat. A small branding tip, find your hat and make it yours. The BKc Style & Character and The Hundred Year Plan . . .


3 Responses to The BKc, The Bearded Man & his hat . . .

  1. Maybe Ouigi is going bald….

    OAN: I’ve been following you guys for a few months now & have been seeing the beautiful, well dressed young lady in the photos above. Could someone tell her that I said she’s “simply beautiful” (mama always told me to compliment a woman when due).

    Keep the great style coming…
    Peace. Love. Royalty.
    -King Lewie

  2. @King Lewie: loll, nope, maybe saving on hair cuts, he has a head of hair.
    We’ll have to shoot an aerial shot of his head one day.
    The young lady is “Nchimunya” and she is as beautiful outside as she is

  3. Well, even if he does go bald… he can make a pretty nice toupee using his beard *shrug* LOL

    Nchimunya, I think your impeccable style is something that can only be surpassed by your beauty…

    keep up the GREAT work guys. Nothing but love from Mississippi.

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