The BKc, Talent Pool Tommy Kane . . .

The BKc, Talent Pool Tommy Kane . . .

The BKc, Talent Pool: Last night we had dinner with our friend/favorite photographer John Midgley and Scott Newkirk the amazing fashion stylist who worked on the last two photo projects with us. While chatting and enjoying dinner in comes Tommy Kane, who we met last year and his wife. We had no idea that Tommy was such a great artist and had that *amazing sense of humor, well we found out last night.

*I know we over use the word AMAZING, but it’s the only word to describe some of these encounters and experiences.

Look up Tommy Kane and see what we are talking about. One of the most important lessons we’ve learned in growing The Brooklyn Circus has been to always stay surrounded by the best talent and John Midgley has been a constant source of inspiration for us in that area. It’s amazing the circle of talent that he casually introduces us to when we hang out, so John much thanks for constantly introducing The Brooklyn Circus to your amazing circle of talent.

Book Project Plan: The plan for the last few months has been to shoot and produce another book project similar to our now sold out “Changing of The Guards”. This time around the goal is to capture the essence of The BKc in our Fall/Holiday book as well as create another mood book for Spring 2011. The BKc Style & Character and The Hundred Year Plan . . .


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  1. Hey, hope to be able to grab one of the book copies this time :)
    Wanna have it for my book collection here in Germany.
    Great work guys!

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