The BKc, Sound Inspiration VOTE! . . .

The BKc, Sound Inspiration VOTE! . . .

The BKc, Sound Inspiration: We sat and listened to this and felt really good about it. I think we are building the largest pool of talented people in the world. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again you guys are the most diverse, talented group of people reading The BKc Blog. It’s also always a pleasure to meet many of you in person, so be not afraid to say hello when you see us at the most random part of your journey.

At any rate, Dee Jay Anthony Valadez sent us a BKc inspired mix, he visited The Brooklyn Circus SF and was really inspired to produce more good music, let us know what you think. Does the mix fit the BKc? You be the judge. If it wins your approval it may enter the BKc play list.

Vote: Should this be added to our rotation & why?

Note: Talent Search: If you or someone you know has art, style, music, creative education, history, photography or anything in the BKc discipline that fits our Style + Character vision, we’d love to hear from you or them. You can also create something to show us how The BKc has inspired you. darrylthehippie on twitter says “the guys over @TheBKcircus have no idea how much they’ve impacted my life”.
Send us photographs, music, art, inspiration or sculpture email: Please be sure to send High Resolution images and your best work.

ANTHONY VALADEZ PLAYS JAZZ inspired by The Brooklyn Circus


16 Responses to The BKc, Sound Inspiration VOTE! . . .

  1. You guys have such great taste in everything. The music does fit the BKc taste level. I listened to it in its entirety and really liked it. My last visit to the NY store was magical and i now realize that the music played a major part in that. So thankful to be a part of such a forward thinking brand.
    I vote YES to Valadez + BK Circus He should totally be added to you current play list.

  2. I vote yes. I was expecting a shorter mix, but it was a smooth and a “VERY BKC” vibe
    Approved to Valadez + BK Circus

  3. This MIX fully represents BKC! ANthony Valdez did an awesome job.
    The smoothness of the tune embodies effortless “swag” and in my opinion BKC represents the same. So glad I discovered you guys! You’ve inspired my personal style in so many ways, and am looking to stop in your store next time I’m in the city!
    It’s a YES for me!

  4. I think this is a very nice selection of jazz tunes, no doubt. As a lover of jazz it definitely had me interested from start to finish. Kudos to DJ Anthony Valadez for a job well done!

    However, I don’t feel that it necessarily captures the entire BKc/Brooklyn Circus essence sonically. The vibrations were all in sync with one another, and when I think of the BKc and Brooklyn Circus brands, words like sophisticated, fun, classy, classic, modern, community, soulful, understated but bold (as well as many others) come to mind. A lot of those words juxtapose one another, so I think the sound of the brand should always be versatile in it’s delivery and reflect that.

    This mix was jazz from start to finish, while being fairly diverse in the jazz arena…there was no soul, funk, r&b…which to me needs to be captured in conjunction with the brand.

    Then again, there could be several series of BKc/Brooklyn Circus soundscapes if you will, divided up by genre. In which case this would be totally fine as a representation of ONE of the many sonic essences of the brand.

    That’s my two cents…and again, I love that you’ve opened up the floor for us to pitch in our thoughts here.


  5. Absolutely yes.

  6. A YES vote. This mix is a great BK soundtrack. Reminds me of mornings waking up with some jazz and coffee, getting ready to hop on the D train from Sheepshead bay to the village for work. I can smell the city…..

  7. i think it should be a part of the BKc playlist. It brings both sides of the spectrum in which the bkc represents and stands for, the urban/hip-hop field along with the classic jazzy mood. This mix is a perfect blend of style

  8. Loving all his mixes. A real cool dude. First time visiting your site and love all the stylish clothing. I need to swing by next time I am in the BK. Kudos.

  9. 2 thumbs up!

  10. I think this particular mix fits the sophistication of the BKc person, but I feel it doesn’t appeal as much to the colorful side of the BKc person. I say a little bit more energy in the music like possibly this mix in conjunction with maybe a jazz inspired hip hop group like Jazz Liberators would be a perfect mix.

    I <3 BKc

  11. @flwrpt great feedback. You’ve watched the brand for years and that feedback reflects your understanding of the brand

  12. Thanks for all the feedback! So glad that you all accept the concept. My inspiration was manifested the minute I walked through the doors of the SF shop. As soon as I got back to LA I instantly broke out my jazz records and created this sonic collage. I must say that I agree w/ flwrpt. To me, music can represent many shades of the BKc with out being stuck to only one genre. But I also find my concept parallel to what BKc. I have done many soul mixes, hip hop mixes, but never a jazz mix. It was a challenge and it was different, sophisticated and classy in its own sense. Thanks again and I truly wish each and everyone of you a wonderful evening or morning!


  13. I love it!!!!

  14. The vibes are right on for stylez BKc!!!

  15. Mr. Valadez delivers The Goods once again. Definitely right on for The BKC. Curation of tunes is right on. Thank you for sharing!

  16. Played it. Loved it. Downloaded it. Saved it.

    Some sundowner music that.

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