The BKc SF + Falling Whistles . . .

The BKc SF + Falling Whistles . . .

Falling Whistles: Just over 4 years ago, we launched The Brooklyn Circus blog with a simple idea: to share our story with whoever was willing to listen. And as we continue to share what inspires us, we are truly humbled by your constant reminders of how we inspire you. It is our voice that binds us, and how we can ultimately make a difference in each other’s lives.
Falling Whistles is a campaign for peace in Congo – where children too small to carry a gun, are sent to the front lines of war armed with only a whistle. It’s founder, Sean Carasso, launched the campaign with a simple response – make their weapon your voice and be a whistle blower for peace in Congo. The Brooklyn Circus has joined the movement.

This Friday September 10 at 7pm, in conjunction with The Fillmore Art Walk in San Francisco, The Brooklyn Circus SF will debut the whistles in store. 100% of proceeds go to rehabilitate and advocate for war affected children. Join the movement! Wear your protest and become a whistle blower for peace, checkout Falling Whistles amazing video here.
Friday September 10th || 7PM-9PM || at The Brooklyn Circus SF || 1521 Fillmore Street || San Francisco CA 94115 ||
Free Admission || Open bar hosted by Hennesey Black

*The Fillmore Art Walk will take place that evening 6PM-12AM (between Eddy & Sutter)

Wear your protest and become a whistle blower for peace.


7 Responses to The BKc SF + Falling Whistles . . .

  1. You guys have mad style!
    Sitting down with a diet coke to view your archives now.
    Keep givin’ it up!!
    From a stylish artsy chic with an afro in Los Angeles

  2. BK Circus!

    We are so excited to welcome you to the Falling Whistles family. We love the people who stand behind BKC and the overwhelming possibilities the future holds for Brooklyn Circus and Falling Whistles.

    Thank you for using your voice to be whistleblowers for peace. Together we will end the war in Congo.

    See you on Friday!

    With love,
    The FW Crew

  3. Any way to get a falling whistle online?

  4. This is a movement that we should all get behind & support.
    Trust that I will spread the word!

  5. @Russell – We can take phone orders if you cannot make it into the shop.
    Please call (415) 359-1999 – Open Mon-Sat 12am-7pm; Sun 12pm-6pm

  6. Tonight should be a great event. Look forward to seeing all the Bay Area folks out there….

  7. Okay can we hurry and get a shop in Socal? Your killing me! :)

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