The BKc, Fall/Holiday Shoot . . . Day 1

The BKc, Fall/Holiday Shoot . . . Day 1


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  1. Wow so dope man!!! everytime I come visit the store in Brooklyn or see beautiful images like these on the blog, I get chills. The BKC, such a magical experience….I wouldnt believe a brand like this even existed if I didnt see it for myself lol

  2. I am glad to see the first day of the shoot to be a success. However, I am disappointed that I was never emailed back with a confirmation about the shoot. I felt like I was waiting in the dead air of anticipation for no reply in the end. Giving the benefit of doubt, I assume that the store received countless emails over the short period of time after the casting call. As an avid follower of the brand I will continue to salute the great work that is done by the Brooklyn Circus. I hope that I don’t have to already be established as an artist or photographer before I am noticed by a brand as someone who shows interest in working with the company. But I do wish to GROW with the company now…from the root. I say “root” because I have supported Bkc when Brooklyn shoppers were too busy supporting the generic styles of other brands. I even donated my old vintage record player to the store (when it was across the street) about 3 years ago. There isn’t much to grow with out here in Brooklyn, especially as a young black male trying to make something out of nothing and his talent. I just hope that someday in the future the movement of “The Hundred Year Plan” will continue open its doors to more inspiring young people who are about bettering the culture while representing the rise of the brand. I say “open doors” because a lot of us are often faced with climbing through windows of opportunity. I look forward to seeing the finished product of the shoot. John Midgley is an amazing photographer and the outfits are very well put together.

    Best Regards,

  3. @Rain we are always looking to share the experience with all of our veteran supporters and make room for new friends. Don’t be disappointed, be happy that other’s are experiencing what you discovered years ago, you are a leader.

    @HKC Believe it! You help build it . . .

  4. What Camera Is That

  5. Hello Rain, while we wish that everyone could be accommodated for the shoot it’s just not possible, with the overwhelming response we received and having only one sensational photographer on board to capture each individual participant, time simply would not allow.

    However, aren’t you the same Rain365 who was a part of the Bike Month shoot that we invited you to? (SEE BELOW) While we welcome and love to see the old faces, we definitely welcome new ones…artists or not…established or not…we love the everyday people we encounter on a daily basis and it’s those individuals that make the brand what it is, and as someone who followed the brand from the “root” I would expect you to know and understand that best. If you feel that Brooklyn has nothing to grow with, I hope that you will begin to focus on building opportunities for yourself and for other young men of color as well that will open doors so that they aren’t faced with climbing through windows of opportunity.

    We thank you for supporting the brand and hope that you continue to do so, if you have any other concerns/comments/questions, please feel free to email or comment here….If anyone else would like to comment, please don’t hesitate.

    Submitted on 2010/06/23 at 7:14am
    I already did A shoot with you guys for Bike month and that was a great experience for me (and my Bike).

  6. @Rain365, I think I speak for anyone reading this that Gigi just shut you down (old email from you attached and all, SMH) so there really isn’t anything I can add to that. But I will say that as someone who was part of the shoot yesterday, no other clothing brand knows how to connect with it’s clients and target market the way BKc does. It was all love all day, good vibes and beautiful people just chillin.

    Ouigi, good looking out for the opportunity, lunch yesterday, and the inspiration that a company like BKc gives me to quit this corporate bullsh*t and start something of my own very soon.

    Rich N.

  7. @Bkc Thank you for your response. After reading your reply it has opened my eyes to see that there will always be new faces and new projects in the future.

    @Gigi I read your reply and understand your views and responses to my first comment but I do need to clarify that I did not say “Brooklyn has nothing to grow with”. I said “There isn’t much to grow with in Brooklyn”. You also brought up the John Midgley bike month shoot and posted one of my archived comments. I am a very literal person. Although I did take part in the shoot, I understood that the shoot was promoting something for the New York City Dept of Transportation. The casting call for that shoot was more so a “classified ad” posted on several sites (SEE GOOGLE). I thank the Bkc for being the liaison for that particular shoot but my goal of actually working a Bkc gig or shoot still has yet to be fulfilled. You also said that you hope that I begin to focus on building opportunities for myself and others. That is something that I have been doing for as long as I can remember. Nothing I have achieved in my life so far has been handed to me, everything was worked hard for. Sweat, tears and blood goes into my music, my photography, my poetry and my everyday struggle. The comment that the Bkc had in response to my initial comment was a perfect reply in two sentences. I may be wrong but as I said before, I am very literal and your response came to me as defensive. I had hoped that I elucidated my first response enough to avoid a defensive response but as I said, I could be wrong. You may have felt that you were being slightly attacked, as I do now.

    However, I do appreciate your response. Expressing different views is how people can come to a common ground.


  8. Before Yesterday I Knew Nothing About BKC, My friends told me to submit my photo for the shoot and I forgot all about it afterwards . I found out that I was selected for the shoot At midnight on saturday ! I left Washington D.C. at 3 :00 am to come to Brooklyn so I would be on time for the Shoot. I was impressed By everything that went on yesterday , This was a great first experience for me with the Brooklyn Circus . I would love to visit again the next tim I’m in the area .

    Cheakaity- ‘Prince Weirdo” Brown of Mantra Nova & ACME Music

  9. Great shots; so palpable!

    What brand of desert boot is the Bearded Man wearing?

    Love what you’re doing!

  10. Women’s grey skirt with paint splatter? Hope to see this style in the men section

  11. to the whole Bkc family:

    It was beyond a dope experience participating with you guys this weekend. it’s great to know that people you admire refer to themselves as “just a regular dude”. While you may just be \”regular dudes” you guys are doing extraordinary things. These next hundred years are gonna be bomb. Can’t wait to see the book! Thanks again.

  12. Defend the BKc Rain: your original comment can be misinterpreted. All love any way, it’s Brooklyn after all. Great shoot this weekend guys, thanks for the opportunity and looking forward to the pictures.

  13. @Bill Clarks!

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  15. Hey Guys…. Love, LOVE!! your fall line… and a HUGE fan of your clothes. However, this is the 2nd or 3rd time I am reaching our BkC and never received an answer. When (if at all) are you guys going to cater to the BIG men in this world? :0)
    I wear a 3XL yet, never seene that size on the website. Is this a possiblity?
    keep up the great work.

  16. wow wow that’s on Bergen St., but looks like the world’s stage. All the pics look amazing, and it look like production for a movie, BKc movie. What an amazing shoot.

  17. i just want to thank the entire bkc family for having me and allowing a queens native like myself to be a part of such an epic day in brooklyn ::salute:: –

    p.s thank you for the food!

  18. hey guys. am loveing your style, i se that there is alot of good things going on at the circus.
    question. after going over and reading about your company (and may i say, am loveing every bit of what i se and read about the bkc)
    when some one do a shoot with the bkc,do they get any of the pics of them? and if its posible, how can i get the photographer that did this shoot info? i realy like his work with you guys and i would like to se if we and hem could work on a progect of mime.

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