The BKc, Introducing Billy Kirk . . .

The BKc, Introducing Billy Kirk . . .

The BKc, Introducing Billy Kirk. Billykirk products are handmade in PA, USA by Amish artisans. Horween leathers are treated with natural oils, beeswax and vegetable based dyes to age with dignity and are now available at The Brooklyn Circus SF (1521 Fillmore St.) and The BKc Online Shop.

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9 Responses to The BKc, Introducing Billy Kirk . . .

  1. The bags look great and i know the quality of Billy Kirk is always top-notch. I, too, am impressed by the beauty of the lady who is part of the BKc team. Please forgive me as i do not recall how to spell her unique name.

  2. Love when you guys style the looks on women! It consistently makes me happy.

  3. I came home from work last night to find a package from Billykirk waiting by my door. The story of how that package got there is an example of why this brand weaves in so seamlessly with what The Brooklyn Circus is all about:

    I ordered a medium carryall bag from a website several weeks ago. After receiving it, I realized it was too small to fit my needs (I wanted something that was more of a weekend bag than a messenger). Anyone who’s ever done an online search knows Billykirk bags aren’t carried many places and where they are, it’s in small quantities. It didn’t take long to realize that the large carryall wasn’t in stock anywhere.

    I bemoaned on Twitter that I wasn’t able to find the bag for sale. Within MINUTES, Chris from Billykirk emailed me to let me know he might have one in his workshop. He did. And it was that bag that was inside the package at my door yesterday.

    Now that’s personalized service. And I haven’t even mentioned how beautiful the bag itself is. Quality goods and personalized service? Sounds like a part of the BKc plan.

    Glad to see you guys are carrying the brand.

  4. those are pretty hot….

  5. looks like there is something wrong with the online shop at the moment…

  6. We apologize for the inconvenience, the web-store is currently down while we update the site, in the meantime the SF store is taking phone orders! 415 359 1999

  7. is the Billykirk Medium Carryall coming back in stock?

  8. I love the bags but I love those crisp chinos too.

  9. @kiburi – we are currently looking to get another shipment of the Medium Carryall and will keep you posted if we do.

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