The BKc, Style Wars: San Francisco vs. Chicago. . .

The BKc, Style Wars: San Francisco vs. Chicago. . .

The BKc, Style Wars: San Francisco vs. Chicago . . . Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls we present to you Style Wars a friendly challenge of Style & Character where YOU the reader are the judges. First up, Gino San Francisco and Brian Chicago wearing the new BKc cashmere/wool cardigan in olive. Let us know what you think of the looks, who styled the cardigan the best? Vote in the comment area and please consider CREATIVITY, EXECUTION and PRESENTATION, be fair. Your vote can be one word or a hundred words. The BKc Style & Character and The Hundred Year Plan . . .


125 Responses to The BKc, Style Wars: San Francisco vs. Chicago. . .

  1. Pardon, to [nwah-zet]: Brian’s bag is a Sir & Madame Chicago sample.

    Vote on folks…

  2. gotta go with Brian… his use of accessories is fresh, from the handkerchief, to the belt, to the wrist bands, and the back pack; well put together

  3. DEF gotta go with Brian, aka Bro-in-Law for bringing it with the backpack!!! Boots are insane!! Not to mention the KERCHIEF in the pocket!!!

  4. Brian. On point with the Selvedge, workwear button up, Sebago x SE boots, wrist pieces, belt, pack, all of it. A little midwest flavor. Relaxed and refined. Gino did it well though. Different bow tie, different watch and I flip a coin. Tough to mess up that cardigan. Hats off to both… and of course the circus.

  5. Gino!!! Although I love the little bits of leather in Chicago, Gino takes the cake. I love the classicness of the colors and fabrics Gino chose. I prefer Gino’s shirt rather than the blue jean shirt. The sf look is just so stylish, unique, distinguished, but casual and approachable. Grat job to both.

  6. of course SF Gino

  7. San Franciso. has definitely won. Why? Overall neatness and fit,making the outfit look complete.

  8. Feeling the earthy tones in both set ups, and the hand on the new cardigan-butta. On some compare and contrast ish, Gino’s roll up game is effortless and clean, which exudes an overall comfortable swagg.

  9. Gino gets my vote. I like Brians outfit; from the matching wrist straps, billykirk bag(if im not mistaking), chambray shirt to the street etiquette lighthouse boots, damn im stunned. But Gino I like I like, from the bow tie to the suspenders; sometimes simple is best. Got the clean yet somewhat rugged (due to the cuffing of pants n boost) feel to it; it matches his face and body. Kudos to both of you guys!

  10. Gino, looks really dapper..

  11. Gino’s color scheme works better overall (for me). The bow-tie provides a lovely contrast to the stripes and adds a bit of texture. The suspenders are a nice touch and the slightly rolled up sleeves are great. Good job SF and the Circus!

  12. GINO HANDS DOWN!! :)

  13. I love Gino’s style. His look is so effortless and sophisticated! Good work

  14. gino. hands down.

  15. Classic like a Thelonius Monk record!
    Gino takes this one sorry to say!

  16. I must give it to Brian. Gino’s look is so predicatable and we have seen this look countless times from the BKc…Brian shows that you don’t have completely change who you are to wear the BKc items. He illustrates that anyone can incorporate the BKc into their normal everday wear, you don’t have to be the stereotypical slim fitting, posh, and poise dude to pull off this great brand.

  17. Brain got this one on lock….

  18. Tres easy. Brian for the win. Gino’s look is very common place and foreseeable. Brian was simply creative and executed it well. Go Brian!!

  19. Gino handsdown

  20. I must admit I am feeling both looks but I would have to go with Gino. The color splash of his wrist, belt, and shoes adds a little more for the eye versus Brians “safe” grey monotone color. #TeamGino!

  21. Gino got this one.

  22. My votes for Brian. While Gino provides a more polished, clean-cut style that formulates around the cardigan; Brian offers an enjoyed-ease, a backpacker feel to his outfit by combining a punch of color and accessories to compose an accented balance.

    The brawl between San Francisco and Chicago dilutes to one aesthetic, the preference between simplicity and expression. Brian showcases a style that is atypical but complimenting for Chicago, one with proclamation and outside the steps of comfort. Suiting the city of its Fall behavior, Brian’s style accompanies The Windy City weather, the transformation of season and color, and the state of mind of fellow Chicagoans – to be the focal point of a waning season.

    (as on The Brooklyn Circus reintroduces Style Wars

  23. If anyone’s looked at the Madbury spread someone has a similar look to Gino. This has become the cliche “Fresh BKC look” with the bowtie/Cardigan and no props for a pretied bowtie. I’m voting Brian on this one.

  24. Ginos style is classic and timeless, yet modern. The styling of his outfit is effortless. Good job Gino!