The BKc, And The Winner Is . . .

The BKc, And The Winner Is . . .

The BKc, And The Winner Is. With 123 votes recorded and over 100,000 300,000 page views “Style Wars” is quickly becoming one of our most anticipated blog posts. With out further a do, we’d like to present you with Gino J, San Francisco’s own and round one winner of “The BKc Style Wars”. Gino is a new add on to our San Francisco store, however he is not new to the BKc lifestyle, as shown in his execution. Therefore I am sure he is not celebrating too, much as the threat of Brooklyn lures in the back of his mind. Yep! Round one winner Gino will be facing one of our Brooklyn staffers.

Brooklyn promises to make the defeat a respectful one, as they consider this a scrimmage in preparation for the big show. The big show or face off between our customer base, yep you with all the style comments and character filled looks. Stay tuned for the final round of “Return of the BKc Style Wars”.


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  1. Much love!
    The BKc All Day, Everyday.

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