The BKc 2010 Fall Varsity Collection . . . NOW AVAILABLE!

The BKc 2010 Fall Varsity Collection . . . NOW AVAILABLE!

2010 BKc Fall Varsity Collection . . . Now taking Pre-Orders!: It is that time of the year again, when the days are shorter and the nights are longer. But not as long as the lines for our Made in the U.S.A. Varsity collection. And this year the demand for a Limited Edition BKc Varsity seems to be more than ever before. We have received hundreds of calls, emails, tweets, and in store visits in regards to our new varsity line-up. As always we like to find a way to give you guys exactly what you want. With that said, we have decided to make all 3 Color ways available for Pre-Order. That means you can lock in your size in either The BKc “World Series Attitude”, “Brooklyn Bomber”, or “Gold Rush” Varsity. Or even get your size in all three, no limits apply, its all on a first come first serve basis. So don’t get left out in the cold this Holiday Season, Pre-Order your favorite BKc Varsities today. The BKc Style & Character and The Hundred Year Plan . . .

Click Here to Pre-Order your Limited Edition BKc Varsity today or stop by the shop.
The BKc NY: 150 Nevins St. (718) 858-0919 || The BKc SF: 1521 Fillmore St. (415) 359-1999
*Pre-Orders will be filled first so you are guaranteed to get your jacket before it even reaches our retail store. All Pre-Orders made on or before November 3rd will be shipped on November 4th 2010.


21 Responses to The BKc 2010 Fall Varsity Collection . . . NOW AVAILABLE!

  1. finally….been waiting for this since i first saw it

  2. Just curious: where in the USA is the line made?

  3. This is what I’m talking about! I’m happy as can be. I currently have the blue wool BKc varsity, and I wear a size medium, so I want to know what size should I order when I purchase the “Brooklyn Bomber” and “Gold Rush” varsity?

  4. Can I possibly come in store at the Brooklyn BKc and check my fit? I just want to make sure I order the right size.

  5. Will you guys always have the old varsity jackets from last year? I want the black one with the tiger on the left side and the words brooklyn circus on the black

  6. I know you can go down to the Brooklyn shop and order the jacket, they had all three of them when I ordered my jackt. I called SF and they did too and are taking phone orders.

  7. Does the lovely woman come with the “Gold Rush” jacket? I’m just sayin’. She’s a cutie.
    Just kidding.
    All of the varsity jackets look great. It would make a great addition in any guy’s fall wardrobe.

  8. Thank you, fly guy. I’m going to go to the store.

  9. Whats the deal with the slevelss varsity featured in the made in the usa pics posted on the madburyclub , over from london in a few weeks and looking pass thru the brooklyn store whats my chances of getting 1.

  10. Just wanting to know the price for the brooklyn bomber jacket. thanks in advance!

  11. Hi,
    I am a fashion buyer in New York. I love your clothing but find your website hard to navigate. On first glance, I didn’t even recognize it was a fashion company. Amazing potention though…

  12. @Tania… let me guess, you found this site through another fashion blog. You clicked back a few pages in their history and made a ‘snap judgement.’ I’m sure BKc appreciates the constructive criticism, but as someone that’s been following their work, direction, an innovativeness… I’m shaking my head. Visit the physical shop and you’ll smell me.

  13. @tania you have no idea!

  14. Could you give some measurements on these jackets? Sometimes I wear an XL and other times an XXL. Specifically what are the sleeve and chest measurements on these? Thank you for your assistance.

  15. Hi. This is Achiever’s Closet. We just started New Style Clothing Brand.
    BKc is our model and alway respect.
    We’ve been waiting for these since we found it.

  16. This site is a little hard to navigate and it appears to be only a blog. I have visited the store and I’m a fan, just wish the site could be more user friendly and direct.

  17. what’s so hard to understand when the menu is at the top of the screen?

  18. I just can’t help myself, but to disagree with everyone above who has spoken negatively about the BKc website experience. The website is easy to navigate and user friendly.

  19. Hey there, how do you guys do sizing? I’m all the way on the other side of the world and I wanna get a piece of BKc.

  20. did the pre-orders start shipping already?

  21. How do you guys know the people checking out your website can do math? LOL! Most people can’t write in full sentences anymore let alone do math with a missing variable and a word thrown in. LOLx2!
    Anyway, wanted to know if there was a chance of me being able to get a World Series Attitude and/or a Brooklyn Bomber jacket? Size: small or x-small for both.

    Thank you.

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