The BKc NY + Falling Whistles,You’re Invited . . .

The BKc NY + Falling Whistles,You’re Invited . . .

The BKc NY + Falling Whistles: Today, You’re Invited . . . Last month we teamed up with Falling Whistles in San Francisco to host an in-store event for all our Bay Area friends and family– the turnout was wonderful and meaningful, so much that we sold over 30 whistles in just 2 hours. Today, Sunday Oct. 31st we are doing it again, this time in Brooklyn, we will debut the whistles in store and ofcourse 100% of proceeds go to rehabilitate and advocate for war affected children. Falling Whistles has been doing a great job of raising awareness about the brutal war in Congo with their cross-country tour and we are once again honored to help as much as we can. So please join us this Sunday, invite everyone you know and lets all become a whistle blower for peace in Congo. In the meantime, checkout their amazing video here.

Join the movement this Sunday October 31st || 2PM-6PM || The Brooklyn Circus NY || 150 Nevins Street || Free Admission || Complimentary Drinks & Live DJ


3 Responses to The BKc NY + Falling Whistles,You’re Invited . . .

  1. there. so there.

  2. Man I love this, am in South Africa and I love to see the global youth get behind a worthy cause…..sad I cannot make it

  3. I wish I could be there, you guys rock. I know you will be a success.

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