The BKc, NYc Stormy Weather . . .

The BKc, NYc Stormy Weather . . .

The BKc, NYc Stormy Weather. Nchimunya is the latest BKc staff member to take advantage of The BKc BK to the Bay transfer program. So now you can find her at the BKc NYc instead of the BKc SF. She has already received a warm welcome from the NYc staff and clientele. But mother nature had something a little different in store for her, not quite what she is used to in SF. We were able to catch a few shots of her experiencing her first dose of NYc winter weather. And we even caught a few shots of The BKc NYc’s intern Delon clearing away the several feet of snow that resulted from Sunday’s icy blast. He did a great job and the sidewalks are all clear for visitors. So stop by this week and say hi to Nchimunya and the rest of the gang at The BKc NYc.


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  1. Wow! I’m going to jump on my snowmobile and drive up to Brooklyn so I can put a 30karat diamond ring on Nchimunya’s left pinky finger. Talk about a snow bunny. Welcome to New York City, Nchimunya — big lights, big dreams, big city.

    Yo, there was a guy on a bike during the snowstorm? Good lawd! Happy travels.

    And y’all guys are cruel — making the intern shovel all of that snow. At least he dressed fly for the occasion. Ha!

    Happy New Year, BKc.

  2. Great Flick; I miss NYC, Im in korea right now yo…missing the crib but not the snow. one!

  3. Your site and products and style ethic totally inspire me.
    You’ve got to open in Los Angeles. I’d work for you!
    I totally like the style and designs and fabrics and colors you use and your photos on the site are great also. I especially love the hats/caps. I am a longtime bookkeeper at MOCA in Los Angeles. I am a beginning millinery/hatmaking student out here and really want to learn all I can about making men’s and women’s hats. My nephew is out there in Harlem and in grad school at NYU and I bet he’s been in your shops in NY by now, because he totally rocks rather the same style you all possess on here. Keep on going!!

  4. And may I add. I love New York. Can’t wait to go there again. I’ll definitely come to your shop to see it in person.

  5. looks cold in NY. Miami is not as cold but it got down to 38 degrees the other night. Oh yeah by the way, when is the Bkc coming to Miami? I like what you guys are doing. Much respect.

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