The Bkc, 2010 Press Flashback . . .

The Bkc, 2010 Press Flashback . . .

The BKc, 2010 Flash back: This past year The Bearded Man spoke at PSFK and the tittle of his presentation was “Dip your bucket where you stand”, the concept and philosophy that everything you will ever need is currently at your feet. You simply need to look within and not very far to find your resources and shape your future. With that in mind, we decided to look back at The BKc 2010 to shape out what we are dubbing BKc 2.0-11. We also wanted to reach out to “you” our greatest source of inspiration for more ideas on what’s to come. Our goal for version 2.0-11 is the most revised, precise and updated version of what we’ve delivered the past 4 years 11 months, 30 days, 21 hrs & 4 minutes of this journey. As usual we feed you to “FEEDBACK”, so have fun and blast off in the comments section. To all you “LOOKERS” who are shy and do not comment, the FEEDBACK helps us make what you love, BETTER. Let us know what you liked or disliked in 2010, or what you would like to see in the upcoming year for BKc version 2.0-11. Please be patient as we edit several more 2010 “Flashback” posts. Have a safe and joyous New Year, from your BKc family. The BKc Style + Character & The 100 Year Plan . . .


14 Responses to The Bkc, 2010 Press Flashback . . .

  1. Been a “Looker” for awhile now, got to say Im really feeling the whole collection! I hope you guys expand your online store this year. All the best in the new year fellas.

  2. The 100 year plan is coming full circle I see. Congrats on a very succesful year guys!

  3. “To all you “LOOKERS” who are shy and do not comment, the FEEDBACK helps us make what you love, BETTER.”

    Can you please put up size charts, for someone who has no idea what size to get that has never bought anything from you guys, its impossible to do so, and to wait on a reply that never comes, it sells out!

    This should be a top priority for users like myself shopping online.

    Thank you!

  4. *Chris- Great point we are working on that & promise to deliver that first quarter 2011. Thanks for the comment!!!

  5. Thanks for reading too. We promise to bring you a stronger, better Blog next year. If you are a writer, content developer, or have something good to contribute, drop us your email in the content section with a link of your past work.

  6. @BKc

    I look forward to making my first purchase and thanks for making the promise :D

  7. “To all you “LOOKERS” who are shy and do not comment, the FEEDBACK helps us make what you love, BETTER.”

    First and foremost, I would like to make it clear that I am an avid BKc shopper and have purchased countless items. As we move forward to 2011 I am starting to see something that troubles me and I know I am not alone. The items BKc is manufacturing are becoming less discreet and more logo driven. For instance, the BKc button down shirts for the summer did not possess the BKc logo on the exterior. On the contrary, the button down shirts for this winter possess the BKc logo on the exterior. I know you are trying to build a brand, but even Polo Ralph Lauren does not carry their company logo on the exterior every garment.

  8. I would love to see a line for the ladies…if not in 2011, I will start wearing items from your current men’s line.

    Much love, respect & best wishes to BKc…

  9. I’ll have to Defend the BKc on that one G. I get what you are saying and I’ve noticed it myself, but actually welcome it. Similar to my girlfriend buying a pocket book with a small lock on it (LV) or my laptop having a lit partially bitten apple on it, there is a way to add branding & do it in a classy manner. BKc I think does that. As for Ralph Lauren 95% of what he does is branded. From RRL, to Rugby or the polo horse on everything. G your point is one that should be discussed under “properly branding your product”, how do you balance that.

  10. Hmmm interesting points guys, start the discussion, the floor is yours.

  11. @ flyguy..The point i am trying to make is that a person like myself who is in the process of reinventing his look would appreciate a more subtle logo on some items of clothing. I love BKc and what is stands for but in my profession it would not be fit for me to wear a big B on my favorite cardigans or jackets all the time. I would hate for me to have not support the brand because it no longer fit my needs. Moving forward in the year 2011 I think versatility would be a good look for the brand.

  12. The shirts are great for work. I totally see your point with the cardigans G, which I’ve personally worn (blue shawll) to work with a button up shirt and a some wing tips- but I am in the commercial real estate business, different code. BUT I do understand your point, I say go with the shirts for sure. Which brings up an idea i think was mentioned here before, accepting pictures of how BKc product is worn, ie

  13. First off you guys are killing it, love the brand and the logos. I vote for an expansion of the online store. I see many things in blog posts and such that never make it to the online store (example: the reversible bow ties).

  14. Absolute greatness.

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