The BKc, Project Vegas Prep . . .

The BKc, Project Vegas Prep . . .


9 Responses to The BKc, Project Vegas Prep . . .

  1. Damn, When are you gonna sell that jacket #clean

  2. Yo, I use to work in that building. That dnm leather is CRACK!!!!!

  3. That denim jacket with the leather sleeves is so fReSh!! When can we expect that in the SF store? Nice work BKC team.

  4. I’ve never seen such an amazing denim jacket till now!

  5. I guess you guys aren’t going to let the rest of us catch up! haha! Looks great!

  6. that man is still goin strong on the sewing machine. remember passin by him everday in the past. the denim jacket is dope. especially wit the stamped logo of bkc on the pocket.

    listen to some good hip hop i mixed up on the ones n twos.

  7. The jacket is obital! When can I buy one?

  8. Jacket is sick!! Any details on when it will be aviable??

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