The BKc, Challengers Welcomed . . .

The BKc, Challengers Welcomed . . .

The BKc, Challengers Welcomed: Being competitive is in our nature– it helps us push ourselves to be better. If you’ve stopped by The Brooklyn Circus NYc lately you may have noticed our new piece of furniture, the Kettler regulation sized ping pong table. So to all our readers who may be closet table tennis pros or table tennis joes, you are welcome to come on down and challenge your BKc team member of choice. The BKc Style + Character & The 100 Year Plan . . .


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  1. Ouig, you already know I’m requesting a table for the SF store so we can continue what we started at Midgley’s house. Humility gets temporarily suspended when the ping pong rally’s on. I’m gunnin’ for that BKc crown son.

  2. Ouigi, i like that sweater! Can i have it?

  3. I will drop in for a game and some purchases when I’m in NY in May.

  4. Guaranteed no one can beat me in ping pong. I’ll fly to SF to prove it to Chris. Just throwing it out there for friendly consideration.

    I skipped many a class freshmen year honing my skills.

  5. Phil, let me tell you a story. When I was ten months old, laying elegantly in my crib like 7lbs 11oz baby jesus in a manor of hay, my father handed me a wooden paddle and tossed me a balloon to build my hand-eye coordination. After a 10-year championship caliber junior/semi-pro tennis career, it goes without saying that I have the groundstroke skills of a 1995 Andre Agassi. I will honor your friendly consideration, perhaps even by flying to NJ and squaring off in BK. I’m predicting a swift victory, leaving plenty of time for me to visit my Italian relatives in Radburn for a hot plate of ravioli from scratch. Aldente swag, brother. That means #cooked just right.

  6. pen-hold grip or shake-hand?

  7. Let the games begin. We are working out the details for our Friday evening sessions. Stay tuned for registration info. I love this!!!!!

  8. Despite the beautiful and admittedly well woven tale offered above by Chris, I cannot retract my Championship claims.

    I have lost once in my life. To a small five foot two Asian young lady whom I later discovered to be both a TIGA sponsored player and the President of my University’s Club Ping Pong team. I still think I would have defeated her had she not been wearing specially crafted ping pong sneakers and I myself suffering from the after effects of solving Mad Cow’s Disease.

    True story. Sort of.

  9. I’ll be there in April, bulee dat.

  10. I’m going to have to make a trip from Texas for this!

  11. The BKc ping pong table awaits all you challengers!
    People you may face on the table:
    -Colin has a wicked spin
    -The Bearded Man has a solid rhythm.
    -John Midgley is serious about his game & plays for keeps
    -Chris C+ can back some of his smack talking
    -Marlon King has game (so we heard)
    -Quinten has a solid reach
    -Shane & Micah are to be taken seriously
    Please add yourself to the list of competitors

  12. I was once challenged by a wall (yes, I said a wall) to a rigorous 13 hr smash fest. After 17 deuces I was defeated after a questionable “side of the table” bounce……I’m still lookin for that wall for my rematch, however, humans don’t stand a chance

  13. The BKcSF challenges the The BKcNY

  14. I’ll be there before Friday with my own paddle. This is all we did out at Stony Brook lol

  15. The BKcNY gladly accepts the challenge of BKcSF

  16. you know I am in. i’ll save the talking and let the paddles speak for themselves….

  17. The competition looks fierce! Evidenced by the TALL tales to match! haha. Had me rolling!!

  18. Are the women folk welcome? I’m asking because the game of table tennis can only be finessed by a woman’s touch. I don’t want to put any of my male counterparts to shame so you can decline my invitation to (whip/slay) compete.

  19. Is the table ever open to play? I would love to come through and earn some bragging rights!

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