The BKc, T-Shirt Gallery…

The BKc, T-Shirt Gallery…

The BKc, T-Shirt Gallery… Our recent post about the new collection of Mark McNairy footwear we recently received in spurred an unexpected discussion in the comments section. An innocent post about new product turned into an impassioned discussion concerning some of our most sacred and core values here at The Brooklyn Circus.

The comments (if you’ve yet to read them) focused on the growth and progression The Brooklyn Circus has seen in the last few years, from our graphic roots to our current evolution. As stated in the previous post, fine tailoring and beautiful graphics can surely coexist.

With every new season we try to push The BKc Style + Character, further defining and expanding it’s boundaries. At the same time we don’t want to forget our humble beginnings. Finding a balance between what we’ve done and what we plan to do is no easy task, but we are dealing with the challenge daily.

To focus on our basics, The Brooklyn Circus SF has recently installed a newly-dubbed BKc T-Shirt Gallery showcasing our on-going selection of screen-printed t-shirts in a way that embodies The BKc Style + Character.

Also, as an added surprise, we’ve cleared out our archived shirts and put them out for sale.The T-shirt gallery experiment was set to launch next month, but what better time to release it while the topic is live in our comments section

Come browse the gallery and dive into the archives to find some gems and talk shop about the balance of art,tailoring and the pursuit of a better dressed male. The BKc, Style + Character & The 100 Year Plan . . .


6 Responses to The BKc, T-Shirt Gallery…

  1. Nice response post sf………..I cant wait to get to the NY shop to see their response and to start collecting the newest gear….the bkc family gets the credit for pioneering this evolution of the urban american movement. Graphic tees and hoodies are no more urban than button down shirts, bow ties, oxford wingtips and cardigans..and we have the bkc to thank… you are greatly appreciated

  2. I need to see those shirts at the NY Bkc store!!

  3. This is how I got hooked on BKc originally. Classics like the Logo tee, Al Qae da Tee aka Al the Dancer, BKc blocks, BK love are some of my favorites. The V-Necks are my new favorites.

  4. that post was debate was interesting. way to shut it down with this post

  5. sorry…
    that post/debate was interesting. i like how bkcircus shut it down with pics

  6. I’ll be headed out to SF on Monday and staying til Friday. I’ll be attending a conference for the gig. But I most definitely have to make a visit to the BKc SF shop. Might need some directions from the hotel. Any SFers out there with instructions will be most appreciated. I need to cop some things while I’m out there. Oh I’m travelling from Philly. This will be my first BKc experience.


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