The BKc, Shirt Detailing . . .

The BKc, Shirt Detailing . . .

The BKc, Shirt Detailing. Gabe the Great making sure everything down to the smallest button is right for our upcoming Spring ’11 release.


7 Responses to The BKc, Shirt Detailing . . .

  1. We are extremely ecxited to see the garments for the spring wardrobe in 2011!

    Keep working hard brothas. Hanif Castle of ACL

  2. I don’t know if anyone appreciates the visual esthetics of your blog more than me, oh Bearded one. The clever way you tell a story with so much care and detail is just delightful. Looking forward to seeing the finished product, but the interesting seaming of Gabe’s sleeve is surely a tipoff?

  3. Gabe is doing his thing making them shirts> I cant wait til the spring collection drops I am gonna be excited to shop and blog about it

  4. Nice we love this peace, its a sure buy for the season

  5. All in the details.

  6. Thanks Edwina!

  7. Love the detailing!!!! when will the spring ’11 release taake place in the brooklyn location??

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