The BKc, The Forecast TV . . .

The BKc, The Forecast TV . . .

The BKc, The Forecast TV. The Bearded Man and Gabe the Great were interviewed a few months ago by The Forecast TV. The interview was featured on several blogs yesterday as well as at If you missed it we have posted it right here for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy. The BKc Style & Character and The Hundred Year Plan . . .

The Forecast | The Brooklyn Circus from on Vimeo.


6 Responses to The BKc, The Forecast TV . . .

  1. excellent video

  2. It’s one thing to read what BKc is all about. It’s another thing to HEAR it. Great interview.

  3. Great video!!

  4. When is the bkc fam coming back to DC? Awesome interview by the way!

  5. yeah the video is great, but I really dig the spotlight on American pride, from start to finish.

    Also, I’m going to need that varsity jacket.

    Also, I’m not mad at the sax in the background.

  6. You guys are simply amazing. and thanks for the new varsity. love it, love, love.

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