The BKc, “Parlez-Vous BKc” . . .

The BKc, “Parlez-Vous BKc” . . .

The BKc, “Parlez-Vous BKc”. Once a BKc intern, Alex has now become a permanent part of the BKc Family. He truly embodies the BKc motto of Style & Character. And Colin The Circus Trainer caught up with him after Sunday brunch and captured some photos of him and his two lady friends in town from Paris. They seemed to have raided his closet, and did a good job at it too. The BKc language is obviously universal. Yep! The BKc Style & Character and The Hundred Year Plan . . .


8 Responses to The BKc, “Parlez-Vous BKc” . . .

  1. This is awsome!

  2. cool to see people from france on the website as i’m writing y’all directly from Paris ! “Oui je parles BKC et tout le monde devrait s’y mettre aussi!” yes i speak BKC and everybody should do so as well ;)

  3. so proud of my wife !!!!!!! alex still waitin for you in paris, come back bro’ !
    Fio,…..keep going love you !!!!

  4. Style & Character lesson # unknown

  5. her pierre hardy’s are super dope.

  6. When you’re apart of the Circus , it looks like you’re always having a good time!

  7. Il me manque déjà. Rendez-vous à Paris en Juin.

  8. ouaiiiiiiiiis pauline au toooooop
    alex le pimp
    on parle tous bkc en france hehehehe

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