The BKc, Sebago + Ronnie Fieg Now Available . . .

The BKc, Sebago + Ronnie Fieg Now Available at The Brooklyn Circus NYc: As the weather gets better, so should your options of footwear . Ronnie has done a really good job at bringing the Sebago company founded in 1946 by three New England natives from the back of our closets to the front. Ronnie speaks of the project in his own words: “375 days ago I was informed by Sebago that they were interested in creating a Ronnie Fieg capsule collection. Throughout the last year,only those closest to me know how hard I’ve worked to produce these shoes I present to you today. Having exclusively sold my previous collaborations through one retailer, this was an amazing opportunity for me to branch out and offer my work on an international level.” Well friends, of course we are on the list of selected retailers which means you now have access to these beautifully created shoes. The Brooklyn Circus NYc 150 Nevins Brooklyn NYc 11217 or by phone 718.858.0919. Stay tuned for the online shop release as well. The BKc Style + Character & The 100 Year Plan


3 Responses to The BKc, Sebago + Ronnie Fieg Now Available . . .

  1. Wow Ronnie Fieg at BKc….What an Accomplishment. Its good to see Creative ppl in the Business recognize more creative ppl in the business and support them to the fullest. I follow his releases and am astonish by the creativity I see in every single one of them. I;m disappointed they don’t come in my size(which is a 6 in men), but I support his creations, brillant!

  2. How can I get the sebago out here in South Africa?
    Actually, the BK circus needs platform in Sout Africa, its about time

  3. This is much needed in Los Angeles. I’m from brooklyn and moved to Los Angeles 5yrs ago. Would love to see one of your stores here. Keep up the good work will definitely be looking forward to more inspiration from BK Circus.

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