The BKc, Bobby’s warehouse . . .

The BKc, Tricker Treat . . .


The BKc, Tricker Treat. These days the footwear market can seem a bit overwhelming with so many designers and brands dabbling in a little bit of everything. But for us its always an easy choice when working with a classic brand like Tricker’s, we want the silhouettes and styles that have stood the test of time and that will continue to do so. So this Spring and Summer you will find great shoes from Tricker’s core collection, at both The BKc NYc and The BKc SF. And this coming fall look for our collaboration piece with Tricker’s, a boot that we think will be perfect for our 100 year journey. The BKc Style + Character and The Hundred Year Plan . . . More

The BKc, SF Memories . . .


The BKc, SF Memories: As we prepare for our very much anticipated Filmore Jazz Festival & 3rd Anniversary of The Brooklyn Circus SF store July 4th weekend, we decided to dig into the archives and flashback a bit. We’ve had some amazing memories in the Bay and we look forward to many more. Since we are always in the moment and conscious of recording the times, we are glad to present you with a series of some of our favorite San Francisco events, moments and unplanned frames of BKc SF history. Hope you enjoy them. The BKc Style + Character & The 100 Year Plan. The End

The BKc, NYc Casting Call . . .


The Bkc, NYc casting call, for a BKc short film: If you’ve ever been on the set of a BKc photo shoot you know the kind of fun we have. We’d like to continue to “Spread the BKc love” by casting our readers, supporters and BKc family first. We are looking for: A Break-dancer, young energetic male, with some great moves and skill to show. A Juggler, male, who can easily keep three of four balls in the air, but no need for full on circus act! A Stilt-walker, male, 20-30.

Join the Circus! It is about capturing a relaxed urban sophisticated atmosphere and community of people. In a ‘photo booth’ setting, people come to strut their stuff. There will be a focus on circus skills, such as juggling, gymnastics, but extending to dancing and any joyful display of skill and cool. The atmosphere is loose, fun, chill. It will be as if we have set up a background in the BKc store and people are just drifting in and out, showing us their talents. The ‘acts’ are very energetic and upbeat and range from beginner to professional performers. It is the fun that counts!

Shoot date: 1 day in early June TBD, only 2 -4 hours tops
Pay: No pay but a barter deal includes the video use for your own reel/site and a portrait photo by photographer John Midgley and styling by Scott Newkirk
Director: Eva Midgley, or
Director of Photography:John Midgley,
Stylist: Scott Newkirk:
Make-up artist: Hector Simancas:

YOU MUST RSVP at with your name, mobile, shoe size, shirt, pants size, height & 3 pictures. Please wait on a reply email to confirm your attendance.

Note: Don’t forget to cast your vote on your favorite look in the latest BKc Style Wars below. The End

The BKc Style Wars: BKc Summer Varsity . . .


The BKc Style Wars: BKc Summer Varsity. Once again Style Wars is back around, this time the young bucks Chasen of The BKc SF and Brandon of The BKc NYc are facing off. The weapon of choice is The BKc Summer Varsity in Navy. Both guys showed up ready for the challenge but only you the readers will decide who is left standing the victor after the dust clears. Yep! Let The BKc Style Wars begin!!! The BKc Style + Character and The 100 Year Plan . . .

UPDATE: If you or someone you know in NYc, SF, Chicago or Atlanta might be up for the “Style Wars” challenge and become a contestant, shoot us an email. Email us at Our goal is to make the “BKc, Style Wars” a permanent entry on the site and bring you an archive of different ways to wear the same item. More