The BKc Style Wars: BKc Summer Varsity . . .

The BKc Style Wars: BKc Summer Varsity . . .

The BKc Style Wars: BKc Summer Varsity. Once again Style Wars is back around, this time the young bucks Chasen of The BKc SF and Brandon of The BKc NYc are facing off. The weapon of choice is The BKc Summer Varsity in Navy. Both guys showed up ready for the challenge but only you the readers will decide who is left standing the victor after the dust clears. Yep! Let The BKc Style Wars begin!!! The BKc Style + Character and The 100 Year Plan . . .

UPDATE: If you or someone you know in NYc, SF, Chicago or Atlanta might be up for the “Style Wars” challenge and become a contestant, shoot us an email. Email us at Our goal is to make the “BKc, Style Wars” a permanent entry on the site and bring you an archive of different ways to wear the same item.


42 Responses to The BKc Style Wars: BKc Summer Varsity . . .

  1. I think both guys look nice but the #2 guy with the bike gave more variety. The red vest pops underneath the jacket. The vest is dope and so is the scarf. Much success Quigi!

  2. This is going to be interesting. Can’t wait to see the outcome of this.

  3. Chasen wins this style war, AINEC

  4. Young Buck #1 is clean and well put together. I like his look but I feel like anyone could put it on and pull it off with the same poise. Young Buck #2, however, owned his entire look. Yes the vest pops with the jacket, but also the unnecessary, but stylishly added cuff along with the attention to details in the socks. His execution is flawless.
    ~ Esoteric

  5. my boy Brandon all the way! Loving the boots, the wrist, jacket and especially the waistcoat( Let me get that!)lol…

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  7. Chasen hands down!!!

  8. Both guys look great and presented two completely different ways to style the Jacket however I have to give my vote to #1. Even though he didn’t take as many chances as #2 his look has a very clean and effortless appeal to it.

  9. Both guys own their looks but the simplicity of Chasen’s styling wins me over. His look appears effortless, while Brandon’s comes off slighty overdone with the addition of the small scarf and colorful socks. Less is more wins it for me in this style war.

  10. West Coast all the way this time BKc….. Chasen’s look is something my homies and I would sport. Clean and simple, he’s got a nice look..Hands down – Chasen BKcSF is the look I’m voting on.

  11. BKC , Keep doing yo THANG !!! Both styles are cool but i like simplicity of Chasen’s look . Great job …

  12. The Style Wars always put out great looks from the different cities. It’s always nice to see contrasting styles. I like the chances that #2 took. I also like the mix of colors he chose. However my personal tastebuds like Chasen’s flavor a little more. Great job fellas.

    P.S I’d also like to point out that Chicago would killed both cities but Ouigi and Gabe were spooked.

  13. I’m a fan of both. I like the simplicity of #1 but I’ve also got to give credit to #2 for originality. In the end #1 swayed me. Though I feel that #2 definitely has a more unique getup that you wouldn’t see as often I can’t help but vote for the laid back, clean lines of #1.

  14. My vote goes to Chasen! His look is more sensical and authentic, while Brandon’s, in my opinion, is more sensory overload and costume-y. I agree with Autumn, less is more wins it for me in this case as well.

  15. Love the colors on #2 but I’d have to go with #1 since I like his overall style. Really dope outfit!

  16. These style wars are great because you get to see the same article of clothing (The Varsity) worn in two different looks, and really take on a life of its own in each. Both gentleman really made the looks fit within their personal style own, but I would have to go with #2. I appreciate the details and the “pop” of the waistcoat under the varsity.

  17. I vote Chasen from SF, Brandon’s outfit was dope but just a tad too much goin on wit it to win my vote

  18. Both Looks are Dope soooooo proud of my Bro Quigi and the entire BKc staff. Being a Brooklyn Bwoy I wanna route for the BK Buck but I gotta be honest and go with Chasen. That look is so clean and flows naturally for me personally. I respect and admire Brandon’s style but I vote SF on this one…. The bottom line is The Brooklyn Circus be it East Coast or West is full of style and inspires me

  19. #1 is clean and coordinated properly. You get a chance to move around in his ensemble
    #2 though very curious for style, turned out stiff!
    #1 has my money! Good one! Style wars it is!

  20. This challenge is a clear difference of how this Varsity Jacket can be worn casually and also a bit dressed up. Although both looks work, I’d have to say Brandon takes this one for being more unique. I think if The Sartorialist was on the block Chasen would be looked over and Brandon may get a shot taken of him. However although Chasen’s look is more toned down and more of an everyday (SF) look– call me crazy but I think their is plenty of people that may appreciate that more then the above-the-knee-rolled-up-shorts with wingtip boots look. Overall I think that amazing Navy Varsity Wins this one!!

  21. Chasen look wins this time around, simple and timeless.

  22. My Brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chaseman…Love you bro!

  23. CHASENNNNNN….. Always the Daper Dan celebrating the BKc brand… Love your look. xoxo

  24. Chasen’s look seems effortless and has a constant and consistent flow from top to bottom. Brandon took more risks in his outfit and definitely put more effort into ‘peacocking’.

    Chasen’s outfit, in my opinion highlighted the Varsity, as for Brandon, the ‘pop’ of the vest beclouds the varsity and is portrayed to be the focal point of the outfit. I’m going to have to score this one like they do in the PGA » Chasen – Eagle, Brandon – Birdie

  25. Chasen… Hands down!!! The chillen day to day look goes. Works both in NYC and SF!!!

  26. The first guy looks stylized by a pro, and it looks good but not like he choose his attire…But for me its the little details….His 3 color wooden beads scream “Im trying to hard to fit in so ill add some color to stand out”…which loses it for me…………….

    Guy 2 looks very organic in his attire…Looks like he rode to work in that wear….Where i get lost is the vest underneath a Varsity while wearing shorts…… Is it to cold to wear just a light jacket AND to hot to wear pants?

    for argument sakes…. GUY # 2 takes the cake………

  27. Brandons outfit is way more original than look #1′s ! LOVES IT

  28. Chasen is by far The BEST, hands down!

  29. number 1 wins, number 2 ok

  30. Brandon’s outfit screams “Summer Varsity” while showing definite style & character. Surprisingly enough, with all that he has going on in the outfit, it was excellently executed. Kudos to Brandon for pulling it off!!!

  31. Even though Chasen’s look is well put together, I feel as if Brandon truly embodies what The Brooklyn Circus is. He takes risks in what he wears and look is definitely something that you would definitely see as you walk into a BKC store as opposed to on the street.

  32. Brandon kills it, #2 100% percent, Brandon swaggers on point, and seems confident.

  33. I’d have to say that Brandon definitely takes this one. Don’t get me wrong, Chasen’s look is clean but as said by a few other people, Brandon takes a risk and the risk that he took was magnificent. With the pop of the bracelet, to the detail in the socks.

  34. Brandon took this by a long shot. He is a well dressed kid I must say. I love the way he color coordinated certain pieces such as the red vest with the big b patch on the varsity. A lot of people don’t realize that color coordinating little things such as your socks, to your bracelet, and little patches on your jacket or shirt. Ouigi chose the rite kid to represent the youth in the company! Great job to both of you guys.

  35. My vote goes to Brandon! He is the representation of what the store is and how the youth should dress. Just by looking at the pictures I can witness his confidence in what he wears. Chasen just doesn’t cut it. His look is to generic in my opinion. Not saying that its bad its just not that interesting. Brandon hands down.

  36. Chasen. Hands down. I love the simplicity of it. It’s basic and easy but still real classic.

    I applaud Brandon for his creativity but it’s just too much going on.

  37. Always love the looks BKc puts out…Both gentlemen stylishly standout as winners as they push the fashion envelope forward..In terms of the style I’d be more likely to emulate — CHASEN gets my vote!!!

  38. My boyyyyyyy… CHASEN your look is stellar…. Keep up the great work….

  39. Brandon wins this definitely, he takes risks and it works for him. He will definitely turn heads while hes out and about in the streets, further promoting the BKC!

  40. Chasen gets my vote. Brandon is just doin’ way too much and comes off as very costumey.

  41. My vote goes for participant #1. Clean and classic always wins the race.

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