The BKc, The Bearded Man Speaks . . .

The BKc, The Bearded Man Speaks: As much as I would like to answer all of the emails or questions that we receive at, gmail,facebook or in person, it has become impossible. Never in my wildest dream, did I think you guys would have so many questions and some really good ones too. I love to read the emails and have read through a large percentage and plan to read through all 3,436 emails but something has to change. Maybe we should do a round table and invite everyone to ask their questions and interact in a live open forum with the BKc team, lead by The Bearded Man.

Why has this become difficult?
With the press schedule, photo shoots, production schedule, family, the stores, traveling and polishing the brand to make it better and better for you guys, it’s close to impossible to continue to reply to everyone’s questions via email or in person. I’ve heard that “The difficult we do immediately, the impossible takes a little longer” or as Jay Z would put it “Difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week”, unfortunately folks I can’t “do this in my slumber, summer”.

Solution: I would love to invite you guys to follow us on twitter for a public chat every Sunday as “The Bearded Man Speaks” live on twitter. You must first follow us on twitter and log in every Sunday and catch up on everything BKc as I see it. Learn about branding, marketing and more, of course how I see it and experienced it. I’ll be more than open to answer all BRAND RELATED questions, business question, ie. How we started, did we take out a loan? What’s the 100 Year plan? Who’s our favorite designer? what advice would you give someone interested in starting a brand? We thought about doing an FAQ section on the site, but figured we’d make it a bit more informative by giving you live answers and not so generic answers. We’ll try that and see how it works. Now go over to twitter and ask away.



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  1. Bel sito! I’ll visit you soon

  2. I’ll visit you soon, Gabriele

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