The BKc, The Making of: Fall 2011 Varsities . . .

The Brooklyn Circus – Fall 2011 Varsity from The Work on Vimeo. The End

Workroom Tradeshow Booth #205
Work Room LAS VEGAS 82 Mandalay Bay Convention Center
Monday, August 22 9AM – 6PM || Tuesday, August 23 9AM – 6PM || Wednesday, August 24 9AM – 5PM


2 Responses to The BKc, The Making of: Fall 2011 Varsities . . .

  1. I keep seeing pictures and clips of what looks like a grey cardigan with red strips on the sleeves. Where can I see this bad boy? Do you guys have a sample at the Fillmore store?

  2. man, this is awesome.. i love seeing what goes into making clothing… you, my friends, are one of a kind.

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