Inspiration, BKc finds & Road Trip. . .

Inspiration, BKc finds & Road Trip: So we set out to be inspired, spend some time with family while on the road, see new things & meet the locals. The first stop was Los Angeles California to stop in on a trade show appropriately named “Inspiration”. Won’t try to put into words what the “Inspiration” show is about, but it was started years ago by vintage king Rin Tanaka, google it. But if you are looking for some inspiration of the vintage clothing kind, this show is a must. It is not for the weak at heart, this is where many of the hardcore vintage guys gather to talk all things old, drink beer and share stories about past & future projects. Rin & his staff are always smart enough to plan the show to align with the Rose Bowl flea market and the Vegas show. When researching the trip, that attention to detail made us smile, how nice of them. Of course after two days of “Inspiration”, we headed off to the Rosebowl not only for a great source of inspiration, but for some good ol’vintage rummaging.

This trip took us from New York City to |Hollywood,California||Long Beach,California| Pasadena,California| Las Vegas,Nevada| San Francisco,California| La Place,Louisiana| New Orleans,Louisiana| Garyville, Louisiana | Edgar,Louisiana| & next stop Chicago,Illinois. We are kind of upset that we booked a three way ticket from New Orleans to Chicago to NYc, because the road is still calling us. But we have several things to catch up on in New York and do plan to get back on the road very soon. In the mean time, while we prepare for our 7am flight in the morning, we’ll leave you with some snap shots. A complete review of the journey and how we were inspired to follow. The BKc, Style + character & The 100 Year Plan . . .


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