PF Flyers, The Bearded Man . . .

PF Flyers, The Bearded Man . . .

PF Flyers, The Bearded Man: We are pretty excited to announced the launch of the new PF Flyers campaign featuring our very own The Bearded Man, Ouigi! The campaign was directed and designed by Creative director Adam Larson who has an extensive portfolio of work ranging from his recent album packaging for Beyonce, N.E.R.D album, Samuel Adams ads, Absolut Vodka ads & Madona’s album packaging. It was photographed and filmed by Josh Goleman who also have a pretty extensive portfolio himself. Check out the film and full campaign on the PF Flyers Site. Special thanks to Vic, Adam, Josh, Kerry and everyone at New Balance & PF Flyers for believing in The Brooklyn Circus.

PF Flyers & The Bearded Man Speaks:
While on the road we kept running into ads in magazines, online and what seems like everywhere we turned, even in the south of a piece I shot for PF Flyers, sporting a classic pair of PF Flyers Center Lo. About a year ago, we were approached by a kind fella who was impressed with our Project Trade show set up and felt like we would be great partners for the brand he worked for and should talk about the possibilities. I was a bit geeked, considering PF Flyers was one of my favorite sneaker brands. We exchanged cards, kept in touch for about a year, while we worked closely to build the relationship. A month or so ago, I got a call to see what my schedule was to immediately venture into our first step of this partnership. My only request to my agent was to “make this happen at any cost, I love this brand”. With the people aligned to work on this campaign, I had to be on the project. It was like making the All Star team, count me in.

Living in Brooklyn, we all grew up wearing sneakers at least 6 days a week. Shoes were only worn to church and special events you were forced to attend. Many of these sneakers bring back memories of trips to Albee Square mall or Kings Plaza, in search of the next best pair to show up to school in. But as we got older, traveled a bit more on our feet, we started to really understand the importance of a good pair of “Tennis Shoes”, like the country folks would call it. Quality, Style, Comfort and Longevity became the basis of how I purchased my next pair. We are huge fans of the brand and are glad that the feelings are mutual. BKc Style + Character & The 100 Year Plan.


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  1. YOU are definitely the “Run Faster Jump Higher” dude……..Congrats O’ Bearded One
    (for all you lil’ pachyderms…….that was the PF Flyers ad slogan in the late 50′s and early 60′s)

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