Casting Call . . .


BKc + John Midgley Book Project Casting Call: We are excited to announce that we have some amazing and well respected publishers very interested in the book project that we’ve added all of our love into for the past two years. With that said, we have to light a fire under our 5 pockets and bring the project as close to complete as possible. After countless meetings with our lovely team of book agents at William Morris it is clear that we need to step on it. Our creative team (John, Scott & Ouigi) felt the book needed a wider range of stylish individuals. The previous shoots were filled with middle aged faces and we are very grateful but what about the young elephants and the fathers who shoulders we stand on? Yep! That’s it.

The BKc, NYc casting call, for The BKc + John Midgley Book Project: If you’ve ever been on the set of a BKc photo shoot you know the kind of fun we have. We’d like to continue to “Spread the BKc love” by casting our readers, supporters and BKc family first.

We are looking for:
-Men 40yrs & older with a distinguished look.No professional experience necessary.
-Young men: 13-16 years old. No professional experience necessary.

Shoot Date: 1 day in early MAY-JUNE TBD, only 2 -4 hours tops
Pay: No pay but a barter deal includes a portrait photo by photographer John Midgley and professional styling by Scott Newkirk. Nice!
Photographer:John Midgley,
Stylist: Scott Newkirk:
Make-up artist: Hector Simancas:

YOU MUST RSVP at with your name, mobile, shoe size, shirt, pants size, height & 3 pictures. Please wait on a reply email to confirm your attendance.

Basic Fundamentals . . .


Basic Fundamentals: We are always in for a dynamic speach when The Bearded Man returns from a road trip or when he is reading a book that sparks his crazy mind. You can image the office environment since he travels allot and reads even more, but we love him for it. The focus recently has been about how to improve what we do by small increments everyday. How do we deliver a more robust experience? It all starts with the product we produce, how we produce and how we improve our process every step of the way. “Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals.” Jim Rohn. As we slowly receive pieces of our spring collection it is clear that the upcoming seasons will all be based on mastering the basic fundamentals of providing you with more beautiful,tailored, yet casual clothing for you to live in. Stop by The Brooklyn Circus near you to see the beautiful colors, light weight cords, the great white shirts and the best fitting camo cargos in the market. Yep! We said it the best fitting camo cargos out. Stay tuned for a full shoot and additional shots.

Lifestyle, When Life imitates Style or the opposite . . .


Lifestyle, When Life imitates Style: Vintage legend and friend of The Bearded Man, Zip Stevenson from HTC sent him an article entitled “An Uneasy Heritage” by Harry Sheff in MR magazine. It was about the argument of “Heritage” and what it means to the people that do it for a living versus the ones that are inspired by it for style or creative expression. Harry Sheff writes “It seems to me that we’re all craving a sense of order and purpose and tradition. In America, we tend to dismiss our traditions as soon as they’re inconvenient, only to scramble to reclaim them when it’s too late”. A few years ago an interesting thing happened. We posted a shot of The Bearded Man wearing a naval jacket, a reader responded furiously about how he was insulted at the idea of a “civilian” who did not earn the jacket, sporting the jacket.

A few weeks ago something sparked us to start a conversation around a jacket that is being sold in our vintage section. The Bearded Man called a few of his college buddies, several Alphas, a Delta & an Alpha Kappa Alpha to ask them their take on the topic. Many replied that the jacket should only be sold to someone who has earned the right to wear those Greek letters. However, some also understood and expressed that they hoped the jacket would fall in the hands of someone who was not going to impersonate an ALpha but research the organization. Our answer, it is a piece of history and our responsibility is to present it, pass it on and maintain its value. Maybe the jacket should have been posted with all its historical significance, some background of how we obtained it and why The Bearded Man had it in his collection. Maybe the same should apply for designers who use camouflage, kinte prints, ethnic prints or anything with cultural or historical significance in their designs.

This discussion will continue for the next 100 years or 1000 years to say the least. Take a minute and look in your closet. I am sure you own something based directly or indirectly on someone’s lifestyle, which would give them the right to question why you are wearing it and if you earned it. Need some examples? Let’s start with the belt or sneakers from your favorite luxury brand that was not designed with your income bracket in mind. The motorcycle jacket designed to save a biker’s skin from road rash in case of an accident. Or the official team Jersey or the construction boots worn in the 90′s by more civilians than construction workers.

With that said, we won’t carry on for too long, the soap box is about to collapse, we’ll leave the floor for you to express your take on the topic. What’s the topic? Should you be questioned for wearing an article of clothing that is a representation of someone’s culture, Fraternity, Club or heritage as an expression of style or creativity. It’s all very touchy stuff, but we think it’s worth some exploring. Please note, if you choose to comment on the subject, you have to respect the grounds. Be thoughtful, be considerate and please refrain from any angry comments-Try, please try!.

Alpha Phi Alpha Basketball Team,1926 Photographed By James Van Der Zee || Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity,1921

The vintage jacket as presented on The Brooklyn Circus online shop

Military helmet patterns from “Disruptive Material Pattern” by Hardy Bleachman || Army Navy Stores Catalog 1900

Above: Camouflage buckle back pants by Striver’s Row || vintage Motorcycle Jacket
Below: This season Roberto Cavalli, Burberry Prorsum, John Galliano and Lanvin have all integrated Ethnic elements into their collections.

Our thoughts: When you disagree with something, use it as an opportunity to educate the next person about your perspective. Offer them a piece of literature not an ear full. If it seams like we are all over the place with this post, you are correct. Why? because the topic can go in so many different directions, but we hope it serves as a spring board not to restrict our creativity but to explore other cultures or subcultures through our creative thoughts. Of course with the utmost respect for customs, traditions and the people who live these cultures and subcultures.

The Beautiful Struggle . . .


The Beautiful Struggle comes off the heels of Betty The Riviter, Claire Huxtable, the nurses on the battle field who nursed our soldiers, our first lady, the Oprah’s of the world, Maya Angelou and of course the God mother of them all Rosa Parks.
This was a test shoot but the team and photographer Josh Farria took it serious and produced a very satisfying test shoot. Josh is a young photographer, a Katrina survivor, who only shoots film and for the most part, only shoots women. He had all the right elements to be behind the camera for this shoot.
The goal is to use these images as a spring board to a project that stands to be one of our biggest statements to date. Highlighting the important role that women play within the BKc brand.
Typically as a men’s brand, we don’t get to do this as often as we would like- but this shoot gave us the opportunity to showcase how we feel women should be projected and represented.
To the women who raised us, and to our faithful female supporters who continue to creatively “Style” and add “Character” to our product; We realize how important you are, and we are thankful and appreciative.
This is a men’s world, but it wouldn’t be nothing without a woman. – James Brown.

The BKc SF, Private Social: Wine on a Dime . . .


The BKc SF, Private Social: Wine on a Dime. The SF team decided to take some time off and enjoy a social moment with some of our preferred customers and friends before this past weekend’s “BKc Great American Easter Sale”. Great ideas! Both the Sale and the event were a success — We hope you found all the goodies you were looking for at the Sale and at the event. MVP credits go to Early B, who jumped behind the camera since our go to photographers (both of them) were out of town on personal business. Earl juggled the shop, the moment and of course c/o hosting the beautiful crowd with Zeke, Eric, and Gene. Please enjoy the beautiful footage and stay tuned for more ‘BKc Private Social Series’ through the Summer. BKc, Style + Character & The 100 Year Plan. . .