The BKc Explores Philadelphia . . .

Every visit to Philadelphia reinforces our interest to want to explore the city of “Brotherly Love” more and more. Our day started with a quick Amtrak ride to the 30th st station in Philadelphia, where our driver courtesy of Über car and Skai Media welcomed us. Our first stop was to see Rakia and meet the lovely team at Skai Media. There, we went over schedule for the day and also discussed some what makes Philadelphia special & important to our 100 Year Plan. Special thanks to everyone who made our trip to Philadelphia special and memorable. Our gracious host and guide, Rakia Reynolds who we are convinced has a key to the city of Philadelphia. stay tuned for more, as we return to Philadelphia for The Annual Roots Picnic this weekend. The BKc, Style + Character & The 100 Year Plan . . .

Inside the duplex office of Skai Blue Media discussing our Philadephia plans. The office had beautiful hints of that BKc touch, of course the couch was our favorite. Great shot Colin!

Below: A few blocks from Rakia’s office, we went to meet with Peter Capolino and his wife Fran to see their beautiful art collection and their vintage archive of sportswear. Topped off by Fran’s fruitcake and luxurious cats.

Above: The only word to describe this 1906 team sweater is WOW! We can easily do an entire blogpost on the piece. Words cannot describe what you are seeing or what we saw in person.


3 Responses to The BKc Explores Philadelphia . . .

  1. The Bearded Man & Gabe the Great always going to the next level to stay fresh & true to what they love & their craft!
    Kudos to you & the rest of the BKc family! Looking forward to what new (old & vintage) clothing develops from your travels!

  2. Love it, can’t wait to hear more about what brings you guys to my fair city:)

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