Full Preparation Mode, Interim + The Brooklyn Circus SF Shop


Interim, the branding . . .


Interim, the branding: For this chapter of our pop up series, we wanted to step back from the infamous film photography that initially gave our brand its character. Well, not fully of course but we wanted to add the graphic & and illustrative design to our marketing repertoire. So what did we do? Well thanks to the internet we connected with Polish illustrator Slawomir Hryniewiecki who interpreted this collection and sketched models sporting our thrifted goods. Most of his illustrations are all over the promo for this shop; from the buttons, posters and the full “Dress Code” spread in our Spring Summer lookbook. The Harvard inspired crimson, the mustard used for The Varsity Collection hand tags and burned off-white are apart of a specific color palette we chose for this direction. After much research, we were inspired by tons of vintage Ivy League ads of the past and even injected Japanese characters into our design. Only 3 days left until we open our doors, San Francisco we are in love with your city! -Sean Brown, The Art of Reuse.

School Spirit, Interim + The Brooklyn Circus SF Shop: . . .

Phi Delta Interim U-04735

SCHOOL SPIRIT,Interim + The Brooklyn Circus SF Shop:
Classic school spirit, pride and soft cotton knitted imperfectly to create the perfect vintage Phys Ed tees. Shirts feature single color designs based on collegiate graphic cues from the 1940s/50s, all in limited quantity and individually numbered 1-50 per design. Interim University’s Campus Collection is a reflection of athletic pride, teamwork and camaraderie in a range of college programs during a period of study.

The first deliveries of tees are available to you among our collection of thrifted goods at the Interim + The Brooklyn Circus SF shop concept on June 30th.

On that note, The Brooklyn Circus San Francisco celebrates its 4th year in operation 4th of July Weekend and we were given the opportunity to design a tee to celebrate the occasion. The “Fillmore Seal” tee drops during The Brooklyn Circus SF Anniversary weekend. Somebody say TEAMWORK!

A retail Renaissance, Interim + The Brooklyn Circus SF Shop . . .


A retail Renaissance, Interim + The Brooklyn Circus SF Shop: The anticipation continues as San Francisco awaits the arrival of our team of Interim merchandisers, photographers and videographers into The Brooklyn Circus SF for what promises to be “A retail Renaissance”. Gabe The Great is in San Francisco and has reported that the energy and buzz in San Francisco is building at an unbelievable rate. We are humbled, excited and really looking forward to planting our leather soles on SF soil and bring you the shopping experience of a life time. Reminder to join us early on Saturday June 30th for a preview of what will go on sale shortly after the preview. If you are serious about securing the best of our offering, we’ll see there early. With prices no higher than $50, we seriously don’t expect the event to last long, it’s always bitter sweet. See you in a few days, SF bound . . .

The Campus Crew, A Glimpse at The Collection . . .


We all aspire to be a part of something out of the ordinary and with the Interim + The Brooklyn Circus SF Varsity Concept Shop we welcome each and every customer into just that- something out of the ordinary. Each garment is not only another great element of style but it is an authentic representation of an era and period. This is just a small fraction of our 35 page Spring/Summer look book. In just a few days, you will have access to all of these treasures but you’ll have to choose wisely as you’re only allowed three. VIEW THE FULL LOOK BOOK HERE or DOWNLOAD